Founded in 2004, MISANTHROPIA in Baden-Württemberg has been able to develop its own MELODIC HEAVY METAL style relatively effortlessly thanks to its shared determination and vision of autonomy.

From the beginning, the participants brought in a large portion of gripping expressive power, skilfully combined with a rich melodic sense – catchy melodies and fluid structures continue to characterize the diverse compositions to this day.

2007 published MISANTHROPIA their debut album “Soul Cancer”, which could provide for first broader attention beyond the home.

2011 was followed by the second Langdreher “Everdark”, which can present a fully matured on all levels formation.

Typical melodramatic stylistic features of Scandinavian MeloDeath nature can be heard as well as the renewed urge for unconditional, classic-heavy metal individuality.

A latent progressive touch on the current record allows constantly new discovering of countless facets in all songs, which excludes wear and tear from the outset.

That exceptional singer Volker Pusch knows how to dazzle with his broad vocal range on the entire keyboard of the emotional world can greatly increase the tension in the compositions.

Connoisseurs know that relatively few metal vocalists are able to produce such a homogeneous, ambivalent euphony in the ‘hard-and-delicate’ mode.

A haunting longing for the very essence of natural human existence pervades every number of “Everdark”, which does not lack instrumental pressure, productive power, or authentically translated, emotional sincerity.

In 2019, MISANTHROPIA are busy writing and editing new, exquisite songs for the upcoming third album, which is expected to be released in 2020 with full appreciation.

While other acts throw new discs every year to keep up in the fast-paced metal circus era, this band prefers to give themselves the time they need. Because: Less is clearly more in this case.

Edwin Stübner – Guitar, Vocals
Volker Pusch – Vocals, Bass
Markus Tretter – Drums
Ronald Stiefel – Guitar

Misanthropia – Serene

Misanthropia – Everdark

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