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Minus Cube

minus cube

Minus Cube is an international alternative rock group, created to explore creative musical and artistic ideas with lyrics that are thought provoking and emotional. Our setup is a little unique in that Michael (vocals & lyrics) is based in the USA, and Joe (guitars) and Glyn (drums) are based in the UK. Regardless of the physical distance, this hasn’t slowed any creativity or collaboration, as in July 2015, we released our debut album within one year of all working together, and on Nov 4th 2016, we released our second album ‘The Butterfly Effect’.

Our inspirations come from not only the great rock / alternative rock and grunge bands of the 1990’s, but also are blues based as well, to create an original, yet familiar sound.

We hope you enjoy our music!

Michael Martin – Vocals & Lyrics
Joe Weinstock – Guitars
Glyn Rolmanis – Drums  


Minus Cube – Into The Air

Minus Cube – Riven

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