The Driving Indie Rock of Mindwipes

Mindwipes recently released their “Out Of The Ordinary” LP and it’s loaded with strong rock grooves, tasteful guitar work, and invasively addictive songwriting all around. If you’re looking for some genuine rock you’ll find it with Mindwipes without question. One of the  singles released from the LP called “One of Us Is Them” certainly gives you more than a mouthful of excellent licks and even some cowbell (wait for the breakdown). Along the way you’ll also hear harder edged tracks with a radio friendly sound and a killer back bone. With all the fun that lives within the record, it never lets down and there seems to always be something new from one song to the next. Here is what songwriter Cameron Schultz had to say about the band’s release: 

“This record has established our sound as low-fi, indie, garage rock. It’s fuzzy, raw, and extremely personal. I think that I want to keep all of those elements around for the next project, but I’d like to do it up more and really pull out all the stops to express myself. This record showed what we can do with a couple of guitars, a drum set, and a slightly busted keyboard on no budget. I would love to really ramp up the production value on the next one while still maintaining the raw and emotional heartbeat that gives this music so much soul.”

Mindwipes – One of Us is Them

Mindwipes – That Hurt (Give It Another Minute)

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