Miesha & The Spanks


‘Mom Jeans // Mom Genes’ will be released on 7th March 2023 via Mint Records



“...feel this crazy stream of endless energy that pulsates with huge sound waves inside your body.


infectious production smashes down our self-doubts and urges us to dream as big as we want.” EARMILK

“Leading with a signature rock n’ roll count, distortion, and Louie’s lively vocals, the single basks in its pop embellishments while staying true to their grooves.”


Meisha & The Spanks continue releasing with their new single ‘Mom Jeans’ coming out on 7th March 2023 with Mint Records. After the release of their last single ‘It’s My Year,’ Meisha & The Spanks builds up suspense for their album ‘Unconditional Love in Hi-Fi’ releasing on 14th April 2023.

We experience a new side of Louie that we have not seen before in the new single ‘Mom Jeans // Mom Genes’. A primal, surging impulse that takes over your whole body like an involuntary contraction. That’s the sensation delivered by Miesha & The Spanks. Vocals as crisp and clean as a freshly laundered pair of dungarees are stitched up with a pulsating warning siren that sways with the seesaw momentum of a heavy metal pendulum.

Spiraling over the yawning abyss of parenthood, singer/guitarist Miesha Louie stalks her own distorted self-image through a maternity ward of distorted guitars and percussionist Sean Hamilton’s cyclical rhythm method.

As fans of David Lynch’s 1977 cult-classic Eraserhead, OCL Studio’s Recording Engineer, Josh Rob Gwilliam, and Noah Mintz, at Lacquer Channel Mastering, knew exactly how to approach ‘Mom Jeans // Mom Genes’. Lending their support this unique expression of female energy and pride.

Louie describes the new single: “It’s more than just about the new mom-fit jeans that I’m wearing though, that’s just the metaphor. It’s also the super tough mom genes that get us through that day to day of ups and downs and emotional manipulations and breakthroughs and pure joy that come with our role as Matriarch.”

The video for the single illustrates Louie’s reality of motherhood. As the duo sings, we get an inside look of what Louie’s other part of life is like through clips of her young twins. With the punk vocals and intense bass, the duo demonstrates the parallels of their music chaos of parenthood, juggling her life as well as her kids’ needs. She sings: “Mom genes for the babe who won’t sleep at night / Mom genes for the kid who wants to put up another fight / Mom genes for the mom times that we’ve lost / Mom jeans for the mom bod that I’ve got.”

This song delves into that universal desire to return to a golden age of nostalgia and reclaim our old young bodies. A frustration that is best expressed with a rebel yell – oft heard from the dressing room – and the acknowledgement that we have outgrown our former identities and the physical manifestations thereof. Ladies (and gentlemen), I give you ‘Mom Jeans // Mom Genes’, Miesha & The Spanks’ heartfelt homage to the dangerous curves life can throw at you.

“The adjustment and the struggle to accept that adjustment is heavy. Like most of my music, writing Mom Jeans // Mom Genes was a way for me to process all of those feelings, whether or not there was any conclusion to be reached,” Louie shares about this honest record.

Meisha and The Spanks single will be released on 7th March 2023 followed by a tour with dates across Europe and the U.S.

Tour Dates

February 16-17 / Future Echoes, Norrköping SE

February 18 / Geronimo’s FGT, Stockholm SE w/ Howlers

March 9-10 / New Colossus, New York NY

March 11 / Juno Fest, Rocky Mountain Ice House, Edmonton AB

March 25 / Snow King Festival, Yellowknife NWT

April 11 / The Royal, Nelson BC, w/ Paris Pick

April 13 / The Lido, Vancouver BC, w/ Wait/Less

April 14 / Kelowna Curling Club, Kelowna BC

April 15 / The Flying Steamshovel, Rossland BC

April 19 / Handsome Daughter, Winnipeg MB

April 20 / Amigos, Saskatoon SK

April 21 / 9910, Edmonton AB w/ Bad Buddy

April 22 / Tailgunner Brewing, Calgary AB, w/ Bad Buddy, Self-Cut Bangs

June 7 / The Peer Hat, Manchester UK

June 10 / Hope & Anchor, London UK

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