Mia Klose

Mia Klose

Sweden’s blonde rock bombshell Mia Klose is back with a vengeance. Her new album, Stronger will be released on the 28th of September 2018, marking her triumphant return to music after a two-year hiatus. Mia’s sound and songwriting has matured, but is filled with hooks and 80s rock flavours. But that’s where the 80s ends – this is truly music for the 21st century.

Mia Klose has established a strong fan-base through regular gigging, along with 15,000 followers across social media platforms. Before her break from music, you might have seen Mia at the inaugural HRH festival several times, along with the prestigious Sweden Rock festival and the UK’s largest metal festival, Bloodstock. Mia also joined Steel Panther as a special guest during their sold out tours of the U.K and Germany, and later made her Download Festival debut on the Jagermeister stage. She has also been the support for acclaimed rockers Reckless Love and Sebastian Bach.

After some time away from music, Mia is now ready to release her new album, Stronger. The album was written and recorded in London together with Mia’s smoking-hot touring band, which consists of four rock masters: C-Rexx (bass), Jonny Nonsense (guitar), Kalle Arheden (guitar) and Henry Rogers (drums). Guitarist Jonny Scaramanga, who now plays for Europe’s Kee Marcello, was previously a member of the band and has also contributed to the songwriting.

The mixing and mastering of Mia’s new album Stronger was done by Tony Wilson, the founder of the Friday Rock Show on BBC 1 and Total Rock radio. Martin Sweet, guitarist of Crashdiet, also mixed one of the songs on the album.

..the album title says it all! Mia comes out fighting with ten new inspirational
songs in her own unique pop-rock style, filled with uplifting emotion determination and hope
.” – Roland Oei, Powerplay Magazine

Mia continues to prove she has a unique and refreshing voice and attitude
in the world of modern melodic rock
” – Malcom Dome, Classic Rock Mag.  

Great musicianship along with great lead vocals, can’t go wrong can it?
This brings me back to 1989-90. I hear some Firehouse and Vixen at their peak in there. However there’s a freshness to the sound that feels more 2018. I like it! Way to go Mia!
” – Martin Sweet, Crashdïet

MIA KLOSE releases her fabulous new single and video for ‘One More Night’, taken from her new album ‘Stronger’ which is out now.

Mia Klose – One More Night

Mia Klose – Gimme Gimme

Mia Klose – Living For Love

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