Metatrone (“Metaphysic throne of God”) is a power/prog metal combo based in Catania (Sicily, Italy). The band merges into one its natural metal attitude with both laical and christian/catholic inspired lyrics. Throughout fully clean and melodic vocals to loud raging growls, Metatrone gained the attention of the media for its unique feature, as to have a priest behind speedy articulated keyboards session and grow as well, fr. Davide Bruno. Hammering rythmics, accurate songwriting and intensive arrangements research make the band keeps the flag of power and prog metal high into the worldwide scene.

Jo Lombardo – Lead vocals;
Stefano “Ghigas” Calvagno – Guitars/vocals;
fr. Davide Bruno – Keyboards/growls;
Dino Fiorenza – Bass;
Salvo “T-Metal” Grasso – Drums

METATRONE have just released a new lyric video of the song “Regina Coeli”, taken from their 4th album “Eucharismetal”, released by Rockshots Records in 2016.
Being the song one of the most appreciated from the fans, the band decided to release a video even to celebrate the North American release of the album.

2017 was a crucial year for METATRONE, due to David Brown’s decision to live Christ in a different way: David is not a priest anymore, but religion is still essential in his life and in METATRONE’s career as well.
Spirit and inspiration are still the same, as well as the musical form that most represents the band: HEAVY METAL!

Metatrone – Regina Coeli

Metatrone – Molokai

Metatrone – Latest News From Light

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