The name of the group was chosen during a dark night in a squatt against a background of remembrance of the last moments of Blade Runner “all these moments will be lost in oblivion like tears in the rain”, all these moments, ours , this life, melt is to melt in its end as in the sun.

 “I found myself so depressed knowing that I was mortal that I decided to kill myself.”

Anything that is a way to die is good; to exhaust oneself in one’s task is good; to burn with all its fires is good; annihilating his humanity to celebrate something else in which we will disappear, that’s good; composing and playing this music is inhabited by this spirit, it is a way of living but also of dying, generously, without counting.

“You can give up your integrity for next to nothing but that’s all we really have, all that’s left in the end, and in this little space we are free.”

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Melt plays rock anchored in the power of metal, inspired by the tenderness and melancholy of soul and Feeling.

The group originates from the meeting, at the end of 2007, of Charlotte and Olivier who, through musical and human experiences on the razor’s edge, lay the very first foundations of Melt.

Olivier and Charlotte, driven by the same desire to play powerful and personal music with a dark atmosphere, create a musical universe centered on the song with the striking sincerity – disturbing for some – of Charlotte, and black and luminous melodies worn by Olivier’s guitars.

Charlotte’s texts are dreamlike, a mixture of English and an intimate imaginary language, disconnected from the so-called real world.

In March 2015 Melt became a group: the 4 musicians (Julien on bass, Romeo on drums, Charlotte on vocals guitar and Olivier on guitar) worked their set for 6 months, released a self-produced digital EP, then launched on their first stages in September 2015, scour the Toulouse regional circuit and beyond, and participate in the Gersois festival, the DistoFest on June 25, 2016.

In December 2017, the group completed the recording of their first 8-track album. The album was released immediately and will be released at the end of 2018 this time with the support of the communication agency DominoMédia. On this occasion Melt will shoot his first clip for the song Cypher.

After forty concerts spread over a period of 4 years, melt decided to stop playing live, devoting only to his albums, by becoming a purely studio project that would only be offered to lovers of sincere, generous and flayed music.

Melt’s 2nd album “The Secret Teaching of Sorrow” was released on 19th June 2020 

Melt – Land

Melt – Blast

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