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Melody Lee Hayden New Single ‘Greatest Love Story’ Out Now!

Melody says:

I was 8 year old when I decided I was going to be a dancer and singer on Broadway and in musicals, Hollywood was the dream!

I started Dancing and playing piano at the very young age of two. My mother patiently took me to the endless lessons and eisteddfods, until I had every opportunity to make all my dreams a reality…

At the age of 15 I was extremely good at my craft and landed constant work as a backup dancer as well as modeling and musicals and plays in and around Sydney and all over Australia.

I was making all my dreams come true although my focus was on dance. I was loving life even more with every gig I landed.

It was a Sunday Afternoon after practice I had dropped a fellow dancer off at the airport and was on my way back only one block from my home when a drunk driver hit me and in one split second  all my hopes, my dreams and my life flashing before my eyes…

I died that day, I was extremely blessed to be revived by the paramedics I had to feel lucky,I had to feel glad to be alive… Right? I had lost part of my left leg and spent the next year struggling to survive, I never did dance again… my greatest love, my passion, was just like broken glass on the floor and could never be put together again.

I truly felt I lost myself in those days and months to come as I couldn’t even get out of bed until a wonderful nurse called Cathy, who had heard and saw me perform the year before, walked in one morning  holding a guitar and sat down and started to strum, sing she said and Dream Big!

I  wrote song after song in the months that followed singing and learning to play guitar with the nurses and doctors all cheering me on. I had hope ,Faith that my Dream was not dead, it had just changed a little and no matter what I just had to keep reaching for the stars and maybe just maybe, one day I could write that one song to help other inspire other never to give up too, I had learned that if you hold dreams in your heart anything is possible, I was living and loving music again and it was truly my greatest love story… I hope that whatever you are going through, whatever you are feeling no matter how bad it looks there is always light at the end of the tunnel all you have to do is find your light so you too can reach for the stars…

Love Melody Lee Hayden


Melody Lee Hayden Bio:

Melody Lee Hayden is a singer-songwriter from Queensland, Australia. Born in Newcastle, NSW Australia, she studied piano, guitar and musical theory and modern, classical and tap dancing, before starting her career as a singer, dancer and model in Sydney. Songwriting from the age of ten, Melody Lee loved to perform in musicals and school plays:

Melody Lee’s love for performing took her around world as a singer, dancer and compere.Writing and performing gave her the passion to express her love of life in her music; writing songs about the moments, journeys and people we meet that define us, who we fall in love with and who drive us crazy, yet inspire us to be better people by touching our hearts and guiding us. “Music is my passion, love, joy and at times my sorrow. I just want to take someone back to a moment that they were feeling. Their first kiss, love at first sight, the moment they made the choice to try again or to let go. To help My friends get though the toughest moments in their lives… I want them to know I understand, and I care, and that you are not alone. That to me is everything.”

Melody Lee has a positive and determined attitude despite huge adversity in her life. She was hit by a drunken driver and the accident ended her dancing and modelling career just over two decades ago. She was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash but was revived by paramedics, suffering from brain trauma, loss of her memory, and losing part or her leg, spending a year in hospital and learning to speak and walk again. Suffering from long term memory loss, she didn’t even remember she played piano until two years ago. “It is a little hard to explain, but I was living someone else’s life, lost in the everyday survival rather than living the life I wanted to. I still sang but didn’t really write much, mainly singing covers.”

When Melody Lee started to regain her memory for the different styles of music she was capable of singing and playing, it changed everything. “I’m determined to try and create as much as I can just in case I lose the ability to keep writing again.” Melody Lee has written around fifty songs since then, alongside producer David John Lynch. “I will continue to write and sing as long as there are people wanting to listen. I love to meet new people and share my music.” With such a fantastic vocal ability and timeless songs encompassing pop, rock and soul amongst other genres, Melody Lee Hayden has a great deal to offer the musical landscape.

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