Meadows End

Meadows End

MEADOWS END channels orchestrated atmospheres, mesmerizing melodies and heavy grooves, backed up by the aggressive vocals, to create their own blend of modern extreme metal music. Hailing from Örnsköldsvik, MEADOWS END was born in 1997 by a group of childhood friends. Their over-two decades of journey encountered many lineup changes, currently only having Jan Dahlberg (guitars) and Mats Helli (bass) from the original lineup. MEADOWS END previously worked as a six-piece act, but most recently they converted to a quintet.

Lineup changes and the other unavoidable obstacles forced the band to wait for 13 long years to release the debut full length, Ode to Quietus, in 2010. The critically acclaimed second album “The Sufferwell” came out in 2014, just a year after its antecedent EP “Devilspeed Loathekill”.  

In 2015, MEADOWS END decided to revive their old concept songs from the demo era by re-recording and releasing them as a whole, leading to the release of the third album “Sojourn” in 2016. The re-issued version (having re-arranged and re-written lyrics) was released in 2018 via Black Lion Records.

This March 08, 2019, MEADOWS END returns with the anticipated fourth album, The Grand Antiquation, via Black Lion Records on digipak CD and Vinyl. The album contains everything a listener can expect from the band. Retaining the band’s signature cunning symphonic and melodic tricks, The Grand Antiquation is forged from uncompromisingly delivered death metal, full of unforgettable grooves and ethereal atmospheres that demand the worth of establishing MEADOWS END as an innovator of their craft and a top player of the scene. The album also counts withTommy ‘ReinXeed’ Johansson from Sabaton for a guest solo for the opening track, Devilution.


Meadows End – My Leading Command

Meadows End – Forever Haven

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Band location – Örnsköldsvik, Sweden

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