Mass Sky Raid

Mass Sky Raid
Calm In Chaos
3rd June 2022

Gold Coast Alt Rockers Release New Album ‘Calm In Chaos’

Gold Coast alt-rock sensations Mass Sky Raid just released their sophomore album ‘Calm In Chaos’. This new offering is an immersive and authentic alt-rock masterpiece that showcases the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers, and delivers in earnest the vital message that lies at the heart of this monumental musical work.

Renowned for their brand of quintessential Aussie prog-rock, the group has left no stone unturned to deliver an experience that will linger with listeners long after the songs have ended.

Vocalist Adam Lomas speaks: “We really wanted to show our listeners something different with Calm In Chaos.  While there are those tracks that maintain a familiarity within our distinctive sound there are also new elements which we have brought to the table which expands on our previous work. Much like the title Calm In Chaos the album is full of light and shades which hopefully gives the listener a unique experience and a song for every mood”

“This is a well-produced album with a huge sound on both guitars and drums, cool arrangements, and a lot of potential for radio airplay” Sea Of Tranquility

“‘Calm In Chaos’, on whole, is a well-oiled alt-prog machine. Australian prog/alt-rock has a distinct sound to it; stadium-ready choruses with soaring vocals, the thick-though-precise distorted guitars (with the ever-present delay-rich lead), full, rounded bass, intricate drumming, and heavy doses of programming” The Point Music News

Mass Sky Raid have established themselves as one of Australia’s premier Alt Rock acts which has seen them perform alongside Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja, I Am Giant (UK), Voyager and The Butterfly Effect. With an EP and an album under their collective belt, their music has been gaining global coverage and airplay including features on PROG, Blunt Mag, Triple J, Triple M, Australian Football League, Scenestr, The Faction, Rebel FM and more.

Their singles such as ‘Arrows’ and ‘Closer’ amassed over 260,000+ Spotify streams and landed on a plethora of editorial playlists such as “All New Rock”, “Homegrown & Heavy” to name a few. To celebrate the release of their sophomore album, Mass Sky Raid will be taking ‘Calm In Chaos’ on the road to deliver this awe inspring music tapestry in it’s most raw & authentic form.

Mass Sky Raid are notably one of the hardest working bands in the Australian music scene. The release of ‘Calm in Chaos’ is largely due to support from their fans and community which is exactly why Mass Sky Raid have a bright future as one of the country’s leading heavy music bands.

‘Calm In Chaos’ is out now via

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  1. ​Arrows
  2. Wake Me Out Of Flight
  3. Breakthrough
  4. Begin With The End
  5. Fire
  6. Miracle
  7. Immortal Way
  8. Not Alone
  9. Letting Go
  10. Undertow

Mass Sky Raid – Miracle

Mass Sky Raid – Undertow

Mass Sky Raid – Arrows

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