Mass Rejection

Mass Rejection

Mass Rejection

MASS REJECTION are predominantly an alternative hard rock outfit, dabbling in industrial sounds from time to time.

After appearing on multiple compilation albums both overseas and locally, Mass Rejection released their debut CD ‘FRESH MEAT’ in 2015. Selling out in a matter of weeks, a second pressing was released. The second pressing has also since sold out.

Career highlights so far include opening for industrial rock stars DARKCELL, performing on TV music shows ‘Melbourne Music Tonight’ and ‘1700’ and working on Mass Rejection cover art with US comic artist Ken Haeser of Dynamite Entertainment!

Mass Rejections’ new single ‘FAKE’ was released in 2017 featuring DARKCELL’S Jesse Dracman and Post Mortem Matt and is just the beginning of the mayhem to come!

There is a huge void to be filled and MASS REJECTION are the band to fill it!

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Mass Rejection – Fake

Mass Rejection – Coming Around Again

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