Meet Marshallstackz
Check out the Amazing Indie musician who started playing guitar at age 12. 
Influences started with hard rockers such as AC/DC, Megadeth, Metal Church, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.
He has adapted his style and sound around the likes of their legendary tones

In grades 4 through 8 he studied Alto and Baritone saxophone in school learning blues jazz and pop songs for various events. Throughout this time he had his sights on something more. 

When his musical interests started to change, he purchased his first guitar. Teaching himself by the tones on the tapes and cds. Practicing up to 13 hours a day. Knowing this was his passion but something was still lacking. 

His true passion for music started at 15 when he wrote his first song. Unlike Stackz today, this was not instrumental. Ironically it was also based on the gruesome events of Jeffery Dahmer. After serious contemplation the song was rejected and he realized he did not want to follow the trend of politics , religion and any other typical song being written at the time. His main focus was a diary in audio. He could apply every emotion into a string a chord or a mute. 

After years of practice Volume 1 was born. This was a huge accomplishment being able to fulfill a dream of putting music together for the public. The audience response was amazing and this launched the marshallstackz brand. His music has reached millions globally since 2012 topping Seattle music charts, audio used in professional racing and on NZ Billboard. These tracks are available at along with unreleased singles. 

Shortly after Volume 1 was released he started writing new songs. While in between collaborations or radio announcing on his old station he found time to get back to tracking. Lost Highway was something special. He immediately went to radio for audience approval. The reaction was better than expected and the inspiration grew. Two weeks later almost to the day Formula One came barreling around the track. Once again going to radio right away and even better response than the previous release. You can request these songs on Rock On The Rise and Rhythm Rave radios. You can also find them on number one music. Thank you for your continued support. 

Marshallstackz – Lost Highway teaser

Marshallstackz – Fire on the Horizon

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