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Interview with Liza Kay of Mageia and Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: What type of artist are you?

LK:  Over the last few years, it has become more and more apparent to me that I am a singer-songwriter. I’ve already been exposed to a few instruments. My favorite thing to do is to be inspired by an instrumental composition and write lyrics to it, or take a song I like and develop my own melody or arrangement from it.


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

LK:  I started playing an instrument at a very early age. In my teens I was given a Strat and then I started to be interested in music like Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix. Later I moved to Berlin and learned to play the double & electric bass from a teacher. This gave me my first contact with a band. I played in a rockabilly and in a doom metal band. By chance I also met someone from the blackmetal scene and somehow it turned out that I was given the opportunity to play there with my double bass as well. With the bands I had several gigs in Germany, Italy and in Sweden. Later on I moved back to my home country and founded my own band, which unfortunately broke up. In the meantime I started my new band Mageia, in which I can now develop freely.


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

LK:  I have become very open about music and non-music. I listen to everything from folk, black metal, rock, doom, pop to electronic music. Somehow you can develop an inspiration from every music direction. Otherwise I like to be inspired by occult writings and personal experiences from my life.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

LK:  I would love to have a real band again with people who can dissolve into the music when it matters – you know, a real unit. I put this goal above anything else. My overall ambition is just to make music as long as I can.


PD: Who writes your songs, what are they about?

LK:  I worked with a producer on my debut album. The lyrics, except for one song, were written by me. The compositions and songwriting were shared in terms of rights, because everyone has contributed ideas. The songs are mainly about the dissolution of negative thought patterns and magic.


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

LK:  I mainly use social media for this and I do networking. I also actively write to the press to increase my reach. Maybe then one or the other reports about me and so you can reach more people again. I haven’t been able to promote shows yet, because it’s currently difficult to plan concerts in these times. But I hope that I can do that again soon.


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

LK:  There is no doubt that downloading songs or albums has brought a certain fast pace into the world of music. But I see it positively, you can reach the whole world, which at the time, when there was no Internet, was only really possible for very famous bands.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

LK:  That’s a good question. I can’t think of a song that I wish I had written. If I like a song, I love to use it for inspiration. I guess I just have too much respect for the person who wrote it.


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

LK:  I think my favorite 20th century pet peeve is being ghosted. People who, at some point, start to silence you as a punishment. There is really nothing worse! But also boastful, jealous people or those who go to the basement for a laugh.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

LK:  The moment I’m grateful for is that I never let it get me down when things got tough. The last time that happened, my debut album came out of it. That’s something I can really be proud of. Of course, I also owe the debut album to my producer Milan Polak. Without him I would never have released an album so quickly and in such a high quality.


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

LK:  Right now I’m working on my next album. This time is truly made perfect to be creative. Other than that, I’m working on expanding my reach and connecting with people who have already built up some audience. There’s a lot to learn from them.


PD: What music have you available online and where can we buy it from

LK:  So far my band Mageia has their debut album available for streaming and download and I have my own store at There I sell a few mini LPs in CD format from my debut album.

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