Maestus stream new album at Invisible Oranges

Doom band MAESTUS are now streaming the entirety of their upcoming album Deliquesce at Invisible Oranges. The album will be released this Friday via code666

Stream the album in full here:

Pre-order here:

Live dates:

Portland OR 
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, The Swan Thief
Tonic Lounge 

Olympia, WA
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, Entrail

Eugene, OR 
Conan, Maestus, and Sixes
Old Nick’s Pub

Forlorn and despondent blackdoom from the Pacific Northwest.
SP (Pillorian, ex-Arkhum) KRP (Grst, Gash) SB (ex-Ninth Level) CL (Lodge of the Empty Bed) NK (Grst, Banewreaker)
In the spring of 2018, the band reconvened in the Willamette Valley to record their sophomore offering, calling into being four crushing and hopeless paeans. Deliquesce is the culmination of those efforts.
Mixed and mastered by Markus Stock (Empyrium, Sun of the Sleepless) at his Klangschmiede Studio E, Deliquesce features bleak charcoal renderings by Matthias Roth and a layout by John Haughm. Maestus is proud to announce that Deliquesce will be released in close collaboration with esteemed Italian label Code666.

SP – Guitar & Vocals 
KP – Bass & Vocals
SB – Keyboards & Piano 
CC – Drums 
NK – Guitar


1 Deliquesce        
2 Black Oake        
3 The Impotence of Hope        
4. Knell of Solemnity


Maestus – Deliquesce

Maestus – Deliquesce (Pre-Production)

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Band location – Eugene Oregon

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