Mad Marsh Hares

Mad Marsh Hares

mad march hares

Mad Marsh Hares are Phil Thompson: Vocals/GuitarDrums Dave Gazey: Bass Paul Haskett Keys/Synth

All three members are past members of indie Rock band The Fret.

Phil Thompson was also the drummer in bands The Hazy Eyed Smiles & Wasting Arrows. After many years of gigging with other bands, he decided to take time to write his own album, with the help of long time friends and former band mates, Dave Gazey and Paul Haskett. With the view of getting a singer and either a guitarist or drummer in, once the album was written. So they can play live. Depending on how well the songs and sound are received.

Mad Marsh Hares – Caught in the Chaos

Mad Marsh Hares – When the Stars Fall

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Band location – Portsmouth England

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