Florida Alt/NuMetal band M99 releases “QUEEN” as they get ready for their show with Eve to Adam ! Notorious for getting the crowd jumping,this song was written at the pinnacle of frustration, while feeling trapped in a situation and finding that power from the inside to push through and do whatever it takes to emerge in a better place. For M99 music is a way to overcome setbacks, and push through life’s struggles. As the hook goes “you overdose on what you love”. 

M99 has opened for:
Hed pe
Bobby Amuru of Saliva 
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 
Crazy Town 
Davey Suicide 
Blacktop Mojo

Band Members: 
Vocals – Ash Canzie
Vocals – Shawn Hannigan 
Guitar – Ryan Morse
Guitar – Cristofer Williams
Bass – Seph Pyle
Drums – Gary Miller

Genre : Alternative/Nu-Metal

M99 – Queen

M99 – Driving Blind

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Band location – Ocala Florida

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