M1nk presents their single ‘The Far Side’ via Seja Records, following up their independently released single ‘Fuck You Up’, released earlier this year.  

M1nk (pronounced ’em one en kay’) is a duo based in the UK and Greece, comprised of Barry Snaith from Wakefield, UK and Erika Bach from Ithaca, Greece. Having met each other on Soundcloud, they collaborated on the track ‘Bleed Through’, hitting the alt rock chart on that platform after the first day.

Erika Bach (a.k.a. Lola Demo) comes from a more garage rock background with some electronic influences. Her haunting voice and edgy trash ethic sometimes reminds us of a less hopeful Patti Smith. Barry Snaith (a.k.a. The Inconsistent Jukebox) moves effortlessly between genres, his productions encompassing everything from acerbic alt-pop and industrial soundscapes to french cabaret and dubstep.

For these two, writing together was instantly a natural and organic process, each adding what they felt at the time of writing. Sometimes structured and sometimes completely abstract, vocally and sonically.

m1nk produce dark, gothic, electronic soundscapes for the passionately disposessed and sexually charged absentees of the blank gender nation. Their songs are about lust, disappointment and dangerous encounters. They are very distinctive, yet hard to define.

Barry’s influences include Bernard Herrmann, David Lynch, Francis Bacon, Robert Fripp, Captain Beefheart and Dali. Erika is inspired by stormy days, a little pain and ugliness, human kindness and bewilderment.

For the Single ‘The Far Side’, Bach wrote the lyrics and melody first. “This is a song of yearning, waiting and disappointment,” says Erika Bach. With no particular sonic or musical structure, Snaith added the soundscape to fit the plaintive mood.

‘The Far Side’ released on August 1 across online music stores and streaming platforms, as well as Bandcamp. Find this and their previous single ‘Fuck You Up’ on Spotify and everywhere.

M1nk – Fuck You Up

M1nk – The Far Side

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