Portugal’s Lyfordeath have been refining their well-polished progressive black metal since its inception in 2011.
The band’s latest album “Nullius In Verba” offers a lyrical concept of love and hate for humanity, demystified through a scientific point of view. 
“Nullius In Verba” is the Royal Society of London’s motto, “take nobody’s word for it” or “see for yourself”. The album is a trip through space and time as it is through ourselves, meant to be a unique experience for each individual, where the listeners are invited to question themselves and their own reality.
Recently, the band premiered a new video for the track “Tenebrae” on Portugal’s Ultraje Magazine. “Tenebrae” is one of the oldest tracks from their setlist and that goes back to the early days of the band.
“Tenebrae”, as the band comments, «talks about the chaos present at the beginning of the universe, the same chaos inherent in the human race». Musically, they describe it as «powerful, aggressive and an enormous force that leads us to this beginning, which in turn leads into the guts of Humanity.»
You can watch the video at Ultraje’s website:
Gil Dias – Vocals
João Almeida – Guitar
Carlos Moreira – Guitar
Emanuel Ribeiro – Bass/BackVocals
Luís Moreira – Drums

Lyfordeath – Tenebrae

Lyfordeath – The Day Hell Froze

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