LuzNegra is a Thrash / Heavy Metal band from Valladolid (Spain). The main influence of the band is Thrash Metal, in the line of bands such as Megadeth, Metallica,  Annhilator, Testament o Anthrax, but other influences are present in their music: classic Heavy Metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest…), progressive rock (Dream Theater, …), Groove Metal (Pantera, …). Other modern Metal bands like In Flames or Trivium are part of their musical references as well.

LuzNegra mixes all these influences and their personal mark creating songs with a powerful rhythm section, with no too much concessions to melodic lines, with constant rythmic and intensity breaks and more focused on harmony and groove. Vocal lines are included into a more “heavy” register, in which can be found a melodic but agressive style, with high and raspy vocals  and melodies that tend to avoid the usual patterns. Despite their spanish name, they write their lyrics in english.

In their live gigs, LuzNegra displays all their weapons, creating a simple show, with no concessions but extremely direct and powerful. The visual simplicity allows the music an the energy to flow raw and direct, in the same line than Thrash Metal bands from the 80´s and 90´s.

In 2015 they has edited their last single, “SLAGATOR” in collaboration with Shuffle Studios, which is an advance of their new album, which will be realeased in 2017. It will contain 12 tracks who will capture the spirit of their personal Thrash sound. In 2014 they published the album “2909”. They won some local awards, last one on 2016 “Winners of Bosco en Vivo Festival”.

LuzNegra – Speed Of Calm

LuzNegra – King of the Kill

LuzNegra – Slagator

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