The Good Times Are Over
Drink More Records
Release Date 11 November 2021

The darkest of times require the brightest of antidotes and so it is that NYC’s gentle princes of elegant power pop LUV DOT GOV return with their much needed second album. The title of The Good Times Are Over kind of says it all: the Brooklyn quintet set out to begin work on the follow-up 2018’s much praised but understatedly-titled At Least We’ve Got This Madness, yet have been beset by rampant authoritarianism and deadly virus…

“We were all set to make this record, together under one roof, in Edinburgh during February 2020,” explains singer, songwriter and guitarist Matthew Pop. “There were some financial issues, and obviously there was this talk about some kind of potential new virus outbreak, so we decided to push it to April. Flash forward to March: Planet Earth shuts down. Now what? Maybe there was a way to do everything from our homes and electronically transfer it to the actual control room of Chamber Studio in Edinburgh. We would make the best quarantine rock album ever.”

Recording each of their parts at home, the various members (Matthew, drummer Stevie Seaweeds, keyboardist Patrick Fisher, bassist SG Egan) along with violinist Molly McGivern in Montreal, cellist Sana Beidaghi in Istanbul, and pianist Vid Gobac in Edinburgh then sent the files to producer and engineer Graeme Young, who added various effects and other magic to create the finished work. Rising from feelings of political anxiety, isolation, depression and a rapidly-changing world, the album was born.

“It was not intentional,” says Matt. “I feel like we achieved what I wanted to achieve, which was for the listener to be able to hear the fear and uncertainty in the music, to become a bit unsettled, and for that to be a great comfort.”

Luv Dot Gov were born on a Brooklyn rooftop in the Summer of 2016, Matthew Pop and Stevie Seaweeds recording the band’s debut album with Young in Edinburgh the following Spring. Expanding the line-up back in the States all the better to fully realise the album’s intricacies onstage, the band toured on both sides of the Atlantic, playing nearly a dozen shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tracklist 01. The Good Times Are Over 02. Headlines 2020 03. Panik 04. Maybe I Like The Rain 05. Rachel Jones 06. War And Peace 07. Hey, Sarah Cool 08. My Social Life 09. I’m Going To Steal Your Heart 10. Blue Holiday 11. Don’t Call Me An Optimist

LUV DOT GOV – Headlines

LUV DOT GOV – The Good Times Are Over


LUV DOT GOV – What’s Going On

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