Inspired by well-known greats in the rock and metal community, Lowdead strive to be a cut above your average rock/metal band. Our approach to music and songwriting shines through in our unique and developed songs. Striving to make it out of the local scene and into the ears of millions, this group knows no limit and consistently reaches for the next big goal. Our talent is exceeded only by our passion and intent to write meaningful, powerful and engaging tunes for our friends and fans… tunes that explode in the face of the embarrassments on the radio today. Simply put, Lowdead is a passionate, hardworking band attempting to “save face” in the name of hard rock.
Lowdead was founded in 2007 by Matthew Zaragoza (guitar/vocals) and Ben Tirrell (drums/percussion). With roots in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, the duo spent nearly 3 years in the desert writing and experimenting in an attempt to “find their sound”. In 2010, Nicholas Gonzales (Bass guitar) joined the group forming the trio that performs to this day. With little opportunity at hand in the rural San Luis Valley, the group relocated to Denver Colorado in 2012. In October of 2013 Lowdead released an official EP, entitled HAMMERFIST. Since the release, the group continues to extend their reach and is currently working on a follow up album to the 2013 EP.

Benjamin Tirrell
Nicholas Gonzales
Matthew Zaragoza

Lowdead – War

Lowdead – Alone

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