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Love Past Blue™ is an award-winning, indie alternative pop-rock band based in Dallas Texas. The group recently completed a mini-tour of the L.A. area, performing at several venues including the legendary Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip. The band’s members already have one EP under their belts and another album in production, despite the fact that they’ve only been playing together since April 2016. Love Past Blue’s sound is bold and sassy, straddling the line between pop and rock, and infused with a subtle blend of jazz and funk. The band’s self-titled debut EP is available now on iTunesAmazon, and Spotify. Their sophomore album is currently being produced by Sylvia Massy, who has a history of over 25 gold and platinum records, including several Grammy-nominated albums. The first single off that album, V.I.P., is scheduled to release this fall.

“Working with Sylvia on our new music is literally a dream come true,” said vocalist Clio Cadence. “She really believes in us and our music, and she has definitely taken the recordings to the next level.”

Love Past Blue is made up of Cadence (16), guitarist Jack Hickman (14), bassist Joe Galate (17) and drummer Logan Ellis Sheppard (16). Love Past Blue’s natural chemistry and instant friendship has propelled the young band through a crazy year and a half-long blitz of gigging, songwriting, recording, and travel. According to Clio, the band got started basically as a result of her ‘stalking’ the other members!  “I knew I didn’t want to go the solo route, and thought it would be really fun to do the band thing,” said Clio. “So I started calling around some local studios, which is how I found Joe. He was actually working at Whataburger when I called him. He got off his shift at 10, came right over and auditioned, and that was it. He was in.”

Jack got his call while vacationing on the East Coast. “Apparently they were cyberstalking me after meeting me at a competition where we were both finalists,” said Jack. He auditioned just after making the 20 hour drive home, practiced with the band a couple of hours, and played a gig with them that night.

“Everything just clicked,” said Clio. “It was like we’d all been playing together for months.”

Logan is Love Past Blue’s most recent addition, joining them just before their recent mini-tour and recordings. “At first I thought joining a band in Dallas was a little crazy, since I’m based out of L.A., but they were persistent! After playing some gigs together out here, I feel like we’re best friends already. We’re going to make the long-distance thing work.” Love Past Blue found Logan through his membership in The Drummerhood, an association that is affiliated with The Brotherhood of the Guitar, of which Jack and Joe are members. Both organizations recognize excellence in musicianship and focus on promoting up-and-coming young  artists.

Since Winning Battle of the Bands and Best Vocalist awards at Wildflower Music Festival in May 2016, the band has been entertaining audiences along the West Coast and across North Texas with their dynamic, retro-inspired live show. Just prior to their L.A. mini-tour, the band performed at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, and again at Wildflower, this time on a professional stage, followed by Bowling for Soupand All-American Rejects.

In June 2016, Love Past Blue brought their show to Houston for SpringBoard South, and by January 2017, they were headed to San Diego, California for SpringBoard West. Both music festivals were designed to bring emerging artists and music industry professionals together for mutual benefit. For Love Past Blue, this led to their partnership with legendary management consultant Vicky Hamilton, who is perhaps best known for launching the careers of multi-platinum bands Guns ‘N Roses and Poison, among others.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with Vicky,” said Clio. “We had hoped that performing at SpringBoard would open some doors for us career-wise, but we had no idea it would lead to us working with someone so amazing. She really knows what it takes to make it in this business, how to get us connected and in front of the right people.”

As a direct result of working with Hamilton, Love Past Blue descended upon Los Angeles this summer for a four-gig stint, armed with new music and a re-imagined live show. The band connected with a variety of music industry professionals, then immediately flew to Oregon for their nine-day recording session with producer Sylvia Massy. Hamilton will also bring Love Past Blue to New York City in October to promote her book, Appetite for Dysfunction, as well as to perform music from their new album, which will have singles beginning to release this fall. Details about their performance schedule will be posted on the ‘Shows’ page as it becomes available.

“It’s amazing to see what we’ve been able to accomplish in basically just a year and a half,” said Clio. “We’ve had some awesome opportunities and met some great people that have really helped us move forward. There are so many exciting things on the horizon for us as a band, and I think we’re all ready for the next chapter.”

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Love Past Blue – Vanilla

Love Past Blue – Falling

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