lost pray

LostPray was founded in Ukraine on 2013, by two childhood friends Burak Gündoğdu and Tufan Çiğdem from İstanbul. Tufan was only 19 when he decided to move to Ukraine for his university education. Once he graduated he decided to stay and pursue his dream to become a musician. After a couple of successful projects, he contacted his friend Burak, who shared his dream of becoming a musician. At that point, Burak was studying for his last exams before he graduated from university. Without even waiting for his diploma, he jumped on the first flight to Odessa.

After the two friends were reunited once again, they immediately went into the studio with two other musicians from Ukraine, to record two songs Burak had already composed. The group was unaware for the difficulty’s that were waiting for them on this journey, such as the riots going on in Turkey and Ukraine. Tufan and Burak were deeply affected with the situations. After working on their album songs for 6 months, they eventually started recording in an unstable environment, where they were constantly wrestling with negative issues. Eventually after conquering their issues, including financial problems, they finished recording their 8 track album ‘That’s Why’ in 4 months. After the compilation of their album, LostPray got into contact with recording labels from all around the world. They were approached by over 10 companies and decided to go with PureSteel Records from Germany. They immediately signed a contract for their promotion.

Their First album ”That’s Why” was released on 26 September 2014 on all digital platforms and LostPray`s official website. As it is known, metal music in Turkey and Ukraine is a harder genre to conquer and is not yet achieved by the musicians. LostPray would like to successfully represent both countries they are associated with.

LostPray – The Blessed One

LostPray – Alienation

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