Lost Tuesday Society – Devil in a B&B

Lost Tuesday Society – Devil in a B&B

Recorded at Mwnci Studios with excellent production work from Joe Gibb and released on 15th April 2020. “Devil in a B&B” has all that you would expect from the Lost Tuesday Society arsenal. Superb vocal arrangements compliment wonderfully layered melodies that take you on a precious journey, an escape from these difficult modern times. Close your eyes and drift into wonderland.

Lost Tuesday Society – Devil in a B&B

lead vocals are shared by Sarah Birch and Alfie Scheinman, Kate Ronconi’s breezy violin sways along delightfully whilst Simon Jones and Jay Browning ply their usual solid backbone on drums and bass respectively. Darran Browning, Alfie and Sarah all add to this beauty with their blissful guitar sounds which get pretty heavy towards the end. In fact the whole band seems to creep up and give you a warm cuddle, or is that a shake? 

“Devil in a B&B” will leave you in no doubt that Lost Tuesday Society have lost nothing of their ability to create moments of brilliance in a 4 minute song. It’s the type of track that stays in your head. Give it a listen and I’m sure you’ll be singing it for a long, long time afterwards

The band are oh so close to the release of their second album. “Devil in a B&B” certainly wets the appetite.

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