Lost In Majority – Interview

Lost In Majority – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

all live photos by Vicky VanSane

What type of artist are you?

Lost in Majority is a Progessive Alternative rockband based near Vienna (Austria).

We like our guitars distorted, our melodies beautiful and our songs epic. Speaking of songs: most of our work is heavily influenced by classical music. So we often use the piano and synths. If you listen to our albums you will see that we keep it diversified.


Brief history:

We had our first jam sessions back in 2002, but it was a year later when we finally entered a rehearsal room as a band. Back then, we were bloody beginners. Some of us had just started to learn the instrument they would later play in the band. Herb, who until then had only created electronic music, had some mad skills on the piano, but wanted to develop himself towards the guitar. Gerald, who could actually play the guitar, wanted to concentrate more on the vocals. It took some time until we found ourselves as a band. But it was a good mix of a lot of fun and hard work.


Musical and nonmusical influences?

It is always difficult to describe the style of a band without relying on genres or comparisons to other bands. We all come from different musical backgrounds and have a diverse taste in music such as metal, jazz, rock, electronic and classical music, to name a few. Naturally, a lot of these influences can be found in our music such as complex drum pattern, heavily distorted bass sounds, heavy guitars, carrying piano lines and catchy synth melodies.

Speaking of which, one aspect, that can be found in all our songs is a strong emphasis on memorable melodies. These are carried not just by the lead vocals, but also by the other instruments of the band. We started with the traditional rock setup of vocals, distorted guitars, bass and drums, but in time added instruments like piano and synthesizer to broaden our style. If you listen to our songs you will see that we try to keep it diversified.

If you want me to name some bands that influenced us as musicians it would be MUSE, Foo Fighters and Tool. (It’s hard to leave out the Beatles here because I think every band formed after the sixties is influenced by them (in one way or the other)).

Our nonmusical influences vary between every member of our band. It’s safe to say that our families (our parents and our kids) are an important natural influence. One thing we all have in common is our political attitude which definitely influences our music. But music is always a way to express oneself. Some of us have had very hard times. And this is also something you can hear in our music.


Dreams and goals?

The most important thing for us as a band has always been that we have fun making music together. 

We hope and we believe that our music affects our audience in multiple ways. On the one hand we hope that the songs we have put our hearts and souls into, thrill our crowds on the same level it thrills us to play them. On the other hand we hope that our ideas on social, human and environmental problems spark new ideas and perspectives in as many people as possible.

Our goals are to record numerous more albums, constantly play on bigger and bigger stages and most importantly have fun as the five-piece that we are right now.


Who writes songs? What are they about?

Most of our songs are written by Herbert, he normally is the one with the initial genius spark. But once a songidea is presented to rest of the guys they all contribute to our work.

If you pay attention to our lyrics, you know, that we care a lot about what is going on all around us these days. Sometimes we get asked why we do not make happy songs. Of course, cheerful songs have their justification, but if we have the opportunity to say something, then we also want it to have meaning. In our songs we try to figure out who we as humans are and in what kind of world we are living in. In recent years, the impression is growing that humanity is reaching its limits. We want to help create awareness within the scope of our possibilities. So we hope, that our listeners also pay attention to what we want to say.


Promote Band and Shows?

We are present at all major social networks. From the next month on (prior to the release of the full EP “the age of lies” on 15. 05. 2020) we will release our new songs one by one every month. We want to reach as many people as possible with our work. You can get our music on all major platforms. Be sure to follow our social media channels so you do not miss anything. 


Downloading music online?

The possibility to get any song online at any time was definitely a game-changer. While illegal downloading has caused enormous damage to the whole industry and of course to musicians, streaming opens up new possibilities for smaller bands in particular. Of course you have to differentiate between reach and revenue. Today it is much easier for a smaller indie band to get a reach, but the revenues from streaming are very low. It’s hard to imagine being able to make a living from this.


Wish song written and why?

The answers to this question are very diverse as are our individual influences.

The Package (A Perfect Circle) because it has a fat drive right in your face.

Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin) because it’s the best song in the world (completely unbiased opinion)

Arriving Somewhere But Here (Porcupine Tree) and New Day (Karnivool) are masterpieces songwritingwise. 

Schism (Tool) because … TOOL!

Helter Skelter (Beatles) because we would have invented Hardrock.

One Last Goodbye (Anathema) because it’s one of the most emotional songs known to mankind.


Pet peeves?

Gerald W.: People with tons of cathair on their shirts.

Herbert: People who constantly look at their phone while you talk to them.

Michael: Loud people (they are often stupid too)

Micha: People who complain about cathair 😉

Gerald H.: When people complain about something they actually do all the time.


Proudest moment in music?

I think all of us would agree that the proudest moments of us as musicians are the moments you realise that something you worked very hard for finally works or is finally done. Holding your own record in your hands would be a perfect example for this.


Working on at the moment?

As said before we are now in the process of finishing our third record “the age of lies”. The mastering will be done in the next days. The promotion on all social channels available to us has already started and will continue in the next weeks.

Also our first music video is about to be finished. We are now in the last stages of negotiations about licences and filming original footage. 


Next shows?

There will be an EP release show on 15. 05. 2020 in the AERA Vienna. Until then, we will not play a gig , since our drummer is about to have his third child. There will be gigs in fall 2020 though.

Why you should be there? For our song “Stranger” there will be a live video installation. Since all our songs are performed to a clicktrack the synchronisation to a video has gotten possible for us. 

We also will release our EP on that day- so if you are anywhere near Vienna you now know the place to be.


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