Lords of the Trident

Lords of the Trident

LORDS OF THE TRIDENT unleashed a fully fan-funded acoustic album raised via Patreon called “Pull The Plug” released on Jan 11th

This past November, American power metal warriors LORDS OF THE TRIDENT unleashed their 7th studio album “Shadows From The Past”, which they will be touring this January with A Sound of Thunderin support of (dates listed below). While promoting their latest album, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT also launched a Patreon campaign to give fans more exclusive content. One such perk is the band’s first 100% Patreon-funded acoustic album entitled “Pull The Plug” that features all-acoustic re-recorded LORDS OF THE TRIDENT fan-favorite songs from past albums along with a few loved covers by the band.

Vocalist Fang VonWrathenstein comments:

“Acoustic …metal? You wouldn’t think it would be a thing, but here we are! The first time we tried playing our songs on acoustic guitars, they instantly burst into flames. Some experimentation was needed before we were able to successfully record. We tried fastening plate metal to the backs of the guitars, and even went so far as to completely coat a guitar in liquid steel. It took a lot of broken and melted guitars, but we FINALLY found a method that worked. Enjoy one of the most SOOTHING metal albums you’ll ever hear…Perfect for your next heavy metal date night!”

“Shadows From The Past” was supported by a kickstarter campaign that went live on June 1st and ended on June 29th. During that month, the band’s fans helped them surpass their goals to raise over $11,000 for the release. The band offered multiple packages and rewards that included merch, lessons from band members, festival tickets, private concerts and a copy of the video game Coffee Crisis that the band has partnered with to feature one of their songs for one of the levels along with band members as NPCs (non-playable characters).
Since climbing out of a volcano in 2008, shrouded in metal and ash, LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have gone to battle on many stages across the USA, playing and and headlining a plethora of festivals and have an admirable arsenal of recordings in their inventory.

The fiery party of five talented musicians have spent the last 10 years gleefully drinking ale while performing alongside other revered bands such as Helloween, Unleash the Archers and 3 Inches of Blood. While creating their music is largely a group endeavour, The Baron has been leading the charge for the band’s musical evolution.

Vocalist Fang elaborates: “The Baron has extensive background in songwriting and music theory, so one of the first things he did after joining the band was figure out what sort of song motifs we hadn’t explored. Once he came to us with this list, we dove headfirst into unexplored territory which allowed our songwriting and musical skill to grow quite significantly.”

Their live shows include medieval costumes, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, guitars set ablaze, and of course, excellent technical musicianship challenge the standard for how live music should be experienced. Citing influences such as Iron Maiden, Scar Symmetry and Judas Priest, and embracing lyrical themes inspired by great battles, conquests, dragon-fightin, virtual reality, and  out-of-control robots LotT dish out face-melting power that is enjoyed by fans of all races and classes.

THE LORDS OF THE TRIDENT have released three full albums: “Death or Sandwich” (2009)(Junko Johnson), “Chains on Fire” (2011) (Junko Johnson), “Frostburn” (2015) (Junko Johnson (NA)/Kill Metal Records (EU)), three EPs: “Plan of Attack” (2013) (Junko Johnson), “A Very Lords of the Trident Christmas” (2014) (Junko Johnson), “Re:Quests” (2015) (Junko Johnson), and two live DVDs, along with numerous compilation singles.

Fang VonWrathenstein – Lead Vocals
Baron Taurean Helleshaar – Lead Guitar
Asian Metal – Lead Guitar
Pontifex Mortis – Lead Bass
Master “Herc” Hercule Schlagzeuger – Lead Drums

Lords of the Trident – Alone in Cole Hall (Acoustic Version)

Lords of the Trident – Tormentor

Lords of the Trident – Burn It Down

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