They say you never have a second chance to make a first impression, but this is a band that never cared much for “the way things ought to be.”

LORD’s story spans two distinct eras over twenty five years, starting with a kid with big dreams in a small town, deep in the Australian outback. Vocalist and guitarist L.T. formed a band called DUNGEON with a handful of friends and began a rollercoaster ride that didn’t stop for sixteen years.

The DUNGEON era was a crazy journey that stormed out of the desert, to studio and stage on the east coast, and then to the wide world beyond Australian shores. Four critically praised ocial albums and a live DVD later, DUNGEON had shared the international stage with bands as diverse as MEGADETH, EDGUY, OPETH, NIGHTWISH, DESTRUCTION, DORO and MAYHEM, just to name a few, before dissolving the lineup in late 2005 and reinventing the band as LORD.

LORD, taking DUNGEON’s core style and expanding on it in fresh new directions, hit the ground running in early 2006 with a national tour with QUEENSRŸCHE, and then the shows kept coming, with bands such as ICED EARTH, GAMMA RAY, NEVERMORE, SAXON and JADED HEART. It wasn’t long before LORD had matched the number of albums released during the DUNGEON era, and became a regular visitor to Japan, Europe, New Zealand and South East Asia.

This heavy touring and rave reviews of LORD’s albums attracted the attention of companies such as ESP GUITARS, SEYMOUR DUNCAN PICKUPS, DIMARZIO PICKUPS, DEAN MARKLEY STRINGS and DSL STRAPS. In particular, ESP created a range of signature E-II models for the band, to their exact specifications.

Now in the 25th year since DUNGEON was formed, LORD has paid tribute to the first sixteen years by releasing “THE DUNGEON ERA” box set, full of rare recordings and photos, and all four ocial DUNGEON albums re-recorded by the current LORD band, further uniting both eras.

So… Not a teenage girl? Or a group of monsters? No. But possibly Australia best-kept heavy metal secret. Now with a rich history and an impressive back catalogue, maybe some secrets shouldn’t just be left to the whispers of the underground.

The truth is out there if you only know where to listen.

Lord – Against the Wind

Lord – New Horizons

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