LORD is a band that isn’t afraid to color outside the lines and explores the possibilities within heavy music; taking the heavy music of the last 50 years and combining them with melodic and progressive sensibilities in order to create something unique in a genre where everything’s been done. As LORD is no stranger to evolving line ups since their inception in 2005, Blacklisted marks the end of the era, that Steven Kerchner (vocals), Will Rivera (guitar), Todd Wuehrmann (guitar), and Chris Dugay (bass) share the rehearsal room with Kevin Marimow (drums).

Blacklisted is the fourth full length from LORD,who also have several EPs and splits in their back catalog. By incorporating hints of subgenres such as thrash, hardcore punk, prog, death, and black metal, LORD have managed to take their established sludge sound in a far more aggressive and unique direction that gives them their own identity in a crowded heavy music scene.

Lyrically, the Blacklisted effort focuses on the destruction of the Earth, those destroying it and what role each and every one of us plays in that picture. Blacklisted also highlights figures both historical and modern that have made a positive impact on humanity.

LORD returns with their fifth album, DESPERATION FINDS HUNGER IN ALL MEN.

Impossible to pin down to any one genre, LORD is a band in constant evolution. Each song on DESPERATION is a sonic journey, featuring big, chunky riffs, labyrinthine basslines, and dual percussion not found in previous efforts.

Reflecting the listener through insidious realities of thoughtlessness and excessive consumption, the lyrics maintain a passion for the persecuted and underprivileged, and fervently explore visions of the apocalyptic nature of humankind.

DESPERATION FINDS HUNGER IN ALL MEN will be released on August 24, 2018 on digital platforms, as well as a digipack CD-R edition via Heavy Hound Records.

LORD – The Lord’s Prayer

LORD – Killdozer

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