Texas thrashers LONESCAR are streaming the entirety of their new album “Lust For the End” via Blessed Altar Zine. 

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Texas thrashers LONESCAR have released their new single “Lust For Her End”. The song is taken from their upcoming album “Lust for the End” which will be released on January 31st

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Texas thrashers LONESCAR have released the lyric video for “Images from Mauthausen” via Ghost Cult Magazine. The song is taken from their upcoming album “Lust for the End” which will be released in January.

When it comes to metal in the Lone Star State, there’s no place that does the blend between thrash and groove so well. Close enough to be able to see their neighbors over the border, Lonescar arm themselves with the Tex-Mex spirit to deliver their third release. Previous EPs Bloodluck and More Chingon Than Before have paved the way for Lust For the End, which is even more ‘chingon’ (‘fucking awesome’ in Spanish) than what came before.

First impressions deliver an onslaught of the senses. Vocalist Brian Valdibia possesses an impassioned delivery that echoes Darkest Hour’s hoarse highs and lows as he covers a wide variety of topics, from Nazi concentration camps of the past to revolution in the present. Meanwhile, the riffs are relentless, whether in punishing Gojira-esque groove, Lamb of God bounce or Morbid Angel’s dirty rumble. Creating the backbone of each track, the drums and bass pound along with gusto, switching with ease between deliberate mid-paced head nods and full-on blasting, while also giving space for a solo or two to rip from the seams.

The full package showcases a tightly-wound group with an unquenchable thirst and a talent for sharp, modern metal. The band already have a number of accolades, and a resume of big names they’ve played with including Sepultura, Havok, Destruction, and Arsis. With material like this, their name will surely grow; perhaps ironically, Lust For The End is only the beginning.

Lonescar are:
Michael Perez: Guitar
Mike Gonzalez: Bass
JC Hernandez: Drums
Brian Valdibia: Vocals



  1. Gluttonous to the Core
  2. Undead Assembly
  3. Means to an End
  4. Life is Suffering
  5. Revolution Now
  6. Self-Led
  7. With Your Martyr Self
  8. For Envy’s Sake
  9. Images from Mauthausen
  10. All is Vanity
  11. Lust for Her End

Lonescar – Images From Mauthausen

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