Lime Juice

Artist: Lime Juice
Title: Prince
Release: 15/06/22

F.F.O: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Tame Impala, Pnd, The Murlocs

Trip Hazard! Neo-Psych Rockers Lime Juice Push Envelopes and Break Boundaries On Limitless New Single ‘Prince’

How do you stand out in a field consumed by self-proclaimed pioneers, those insisting they aren’t simply reinventing the wheel? A seemingly age-old question but fresh-faced psych-rockers, Lime Juice, emerge with an answer in the form of their new sprawling colossus of a single, Prince; a much-needed answer for those searching for a truly inspiring aural adventure arriving 15/06/22.

Hailing from cultural hotspots of Italy, London and Brighton, the eclectic four-piece have already ensnared a loyal following in Italy with a string of trip-hazard replete singles including an enlightening cover of Brian Wilson’s ‘Love and Mercy’ in support of Black Lives Matter, capturing hearts as well as minds.

Prince is a true wonder to behold. Standing proud on the shoulders of neo-psychedelic giants, Lime Juice pluck the impressive scale, microtonal fuzz and vivacious charisma of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard with the glancing moments of serenity from Tame Impala to form an almighty 10-minute showstopper. It’s a song that, for it’s own good, finds it hard to sit still. Listeners will traverse grand plains of kaleidoscopic grooves,  looming chugs of bass and even touches of Arabic influences to round-off this dynamic palette.

This was candidly inspired by hallowed retro videogame ‘Prince of Persia’, from which the single finds it’s name, as the band explains: “This inspired guitarist/vocalist Alessandro to including an elaborate narrative telling the story of a Prince. This text subsequently inspired the idea of ​​designing a complex song structure following the narrative flow within the music and that gave us all space to experiment, and that’s how “Prince” was born.

Born perhaps from an unlikely source but Prince will undoubtedly have no issue finding a place amongst neo-psych royalty. Eye-widening, colourful and restlessly intriguing, Lime Juice continue their upwards ascent to deserved fame. Keep your third eye open for Prince’s arrival on 15/06/22!

Lime Juice – Prince 15/06/2022

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