Lilith’s Revenge

Lilith’s Revenge are a music band, that floats between the genders of rock and metal, and seek to fight oppression and gender inequality, and also to create a source of power to those who are struggling and only have the music to keep them up and fighting.

The project started back in 2020, when the lead singer Paula Teles invited her then singing student, Paulo Silva (rhythm guitarist)  to participate in the new project she had in mind called “Lilith’s Revenge”. At the time, Paulo was the frontman of a small local band called “Strings In Veins” whose elements moved to this new project with Paulo to fill the missing roles. The lead guitar position was taken by Bruno Sousa, Edu Silva became the bassist, and Joe Sousa the drummer. The band released three singles, “Hand On Heart”, “Revenge feat. Bjorn Strid” and “Queendom” and later on released the first studio album called “Children From Eden” which was released on the 21th of May, simultaneously with the band’s live performance debut at the Metalpoint in the city of Porto.


Lilith’s Revenge – Children From Eden

Lilith’s Revenge – The Sword

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