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Light Years

Last month, US Pop-Punk crew Light Years announced their forthcoming record ‘Afterlife,’ due out November 30th via Rude Records. The 11-track corker was recorded and produced by Will Yip (who also produced the band’s 2015 classic ‘I’ll See You When I See You’). Off the LP comes a brand new single, ‘Graveyard’ (available for purchase here and to stream here), a song about life cycles and trying to make the most of your time. Kennedy expands:  “Graveyard is a super fun, energetic song that has the “classic” Light Years sound and vibes. There are some very cool riffs and a chorus that won’t leave your head for the rest of the year. The pizza shop I work at when I’m home is next to a cemetery and about once a week or so I see a funeral procession drive by, and I always think about how those people are probably so devastated to lose someone close to them, but for me and everyone else it is just a normal day. That’s where the lyrics came from. It is sort of depressing but the idea that when we die, outside of our close friends and family, who really cares we are gone? I guess the song is me dealing with trying to leave some sort of legacy or reason to be remembered.”

In addition to ‘Graveyard’, the band’s prior single ‘Burning In My Blood’ can be found here, with Kennedy elaborating: “Sometimes it feels like things haven’t exactly gone my way over the past few years, but I still have that same fire and drive in me to not give up as I’ve always had. The rest of the record also shares this same idea. We are older now and realizing what is most important in our own lives, and just trying to focus on the best parts of it even when things are feeling pretty bleak.” The lead single from ‘Afterlife’ was ‘Back Then’ (here), a unique throwback video which features footage from the band growing up, having been written about their first time on the road. The song has a classic simple rock and roll vibe melded with some new school punk rock elements and sets the tone sonically for the record.

Discussing how much ‘Afterlife’ means to him, Kennedy reveals: “Afterlife is where Light Years has been heading for the past 8 years. We spent more time on this record than anything we have done before and I think it shows. We tried new sounds and ideas that before we would have never thought to do, or been willing to try, which I think only comes from the maturity you get from being in a band for so many years. We hope people like this record as much as we do, but if they don’t, we really don’t care.”

Light Years ‘Afterlife’ Tracklisting:

1. Back Then
2. Bottom of the Ocean
3. Lost on the Way Home
4. It Doesn’t Matter
5. Graveyard
6. How Are You
7. Should Have Been
8. Bottle Rocket
9. Burning in my Blood
10. Paradise
11. If I Knew Then

Light Years Release ‘Afterlife’ Via Rude Records On 30/11/18. Pre-Order Now: 

Light Years – Graveyard

Light Years – Burning In My Blood

Light Years – Back Then

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