Lieder Distortion

Lieder Distortion
‘Se il cor guerriero’
(Hardrock, Symphonic Rock, Opera Rock)

Release Date: January 20th, 2023
FFO: Pressure, Royal Hunt, Nine Treasures
Location: Sweden

Lieder Distortion originated at a music conservatory for classical music, opera and drama. A boredom set in before the orderly existence, the marked path and the academic pretend life. Art had become too academic. Logic and reason dominated and I longed only for the emotions, the dreams, the spirit and the inexplicable. Where was the romance, the sensualism and the mystery? Every year a few people were initiated into the conservatory’s ultimate secretThe order society founded by the great conductor that was killed for her freedom of speech, spiritual exploration and her music that turned people in to a state of mind where they were impossible to control. They didn ́t heard the threats of retribution in this world because they had seen something else.Roses are beautiful but nettles are nourishing, Together with a motley crew of classical musicians, metalheads and a former child star, I formed Lieder Distortion. We all carried a spiritual darkness and a love for classical music, so we began to interpret that repertoire in our own way, the way we would like to hear it. As the romantic poet Erik Johan Stagnelius (1793-1823) wrote: “The night is the mother of the day” and “chaos is next door toGod”. This is how we want to interpret the classical music repertoire of Mozart, Vivaldi, Schubert and others. Music made long before we were tracked online and machines told us what we should consume. The spirit is free and the music is free.

Lieder Distortion – Se il cor guerriero

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