Levyathan , 3 headed Alternative Rock behemoth. 
Formed a couple of years back in the haze of a 3 day after party at London’s Resistance Gallery : a kind of post millenial post No Wave Warhol Factory scene for the disenchanted dreamers and beautiful losers of the East End’s avant garde.
Levyathan are :
Grunge Norris ( G.N.A.T.S ) on guitar and lead vocals along with Simon Maxwell (The Yoyo’s, The
Loyalties) on drums and Noko (Apollo 440, Magazine) on bass guitar and backing vocals.

Noko has combined his extensive experience of electrorock, post-punk, movie soundtracks
and studio production with Simon’s intense, groove laden punk rock drumming and while drawing
upon and referencing virtually every kind of alternative guitar music that’s ever rocked, rolled or rebelled against anything meaningful or dumb, together they have created a monumental wall-of-sound on which Grunge can flex his unique class-A, class-war gravel voice and spit out the unclean graffiti of his doomed soul.
Levyathan have just finished recording their first EP, and while each track is crafted with their different musical influences and backgrounds, they have put together a collection of songs that sound so different from anything you have ever heard before, but at the same time are still strangely familiar. The songs vary widely; from classic pop hooks to hard driving melodies and all of them seduced and debased by primeval drums, thumping bass lines and overdriven guitar. All of this is delivered with such a gut-wrenching fervour, a mind-blowing intensity and a pure unadulterated passion that you can almost taste the conviction of their cause, as they pull every audience member with them into their sonic whirlpool of mayhem and melody.

Levyathan have created such a vivid tapestry of energised sound that it will heavily intoxicate even the hardest of rock fans, but then gently caress them back to semi-sobriety with their subtle melodies, before putting their emotions well and truly into overdrive.
Taking inspiration from the past, but definitely on the road to defining the future – Levyathan are creating music for the post millennium generation. A new brand of Alternative Rock that is neither Neo-this or Nu-that, it simply is NOW!This is music for the 21st Century and beyond. Music that will beg your entire body to listen as soon as the first word is sung, the first chord is strummed and the first drum is stung.So, whether you are experiencing this phenomenon live or listening to them on a record you will be entranced, captivated and totally blown away.

With growing interest from as far afield as Scandinavia, Levyathan is a star that is most definitely rising.

You can’t revive the past, but you can certainly define the future.

Come with Levyathan and join the future…

Levyathan – Seventh Sun

Levyathan – Penny Royal Tea

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