Lethargy – After All This Has Gone

Lethargy – After All This Has Gone


  1. Amphetamine
  2. After All
  3. Redefine
  4. It Ends Abruptly
  5. Strike The Sky
  6. Dusk Is A Time For The Eyes
  7. Believe In Change
  8. Rellik Of Grief
  9. Electric Sin
  10. No Horizon
  11. Mind Device
  12. The City Absorb
  13. Low Tide

Formed in 2000, Neath rockers Lethargy seemed to have it all. Signed to Powerage Records (Established by Classic Rock Magazine in 2010) Following UK tours and festival appearances, and two albums that appeared in Classic Rock magazine’s Top 50 Albums of the Year. Lethargy took an unannounced hiatus. By this time the band had been around for 12 years and the harsh realities of the music industry and the demise of Powerage Records had set in, leading the band to a crossroad.

Prior to this hiatus the band entered Mwnci Studios and The Boneyard Studios in West Wales with producer Will Maya (The Answer) Until now the master tapes have remained in a box on a studio shelf… 

As the band are still lifelong friends and decided that all the blood sweat and tears put into the album deserved to finally be heard. So here we are at the tail end of 2019 with the release of “After All This Has Gone”

So, the big question must be, was “After All This Has Gone” worth the wait?

The album opens with the powerful “Amphetamine”. From its opening riff you know that this is going to be good. The almost rant like vocal takes command and the track is certainly a strong opener. “After All” is a much more developed beast, sounding a lot like Alice In Chains “After All” is a stunner, helped by a solid rhythm section. The drumming alone is superbly heavy. “Redefine” follows, the band have been offering this as a free download on their socials, it’s one that definitely wets the appetite. Look out for it. “It Ends Abruptly” doesn’t, (end abruptly) but it does contain some awesome guitar layers. Great to play loud on the headphones. It truly shows how tight the band is, musically and vocally.

“Strike The Sky” rocks, it’s a classic example of a musical masterpiece. In under 4 minutes, the band delivers a track that will be the envy of many bands. I would love to see this played live (hint hint). “Dusk Is A Time For The Eyes” is the winner of the most intriguing song title. It sounds quite reserved, but the more you listen to it, the deeper it gets. I love the perfectly placed guitar solo at the 3 minute mark. “Believe In Change” ironically offers more of the same (and that’s a good thing). The track reminds me a bit of The Manics, but maybe that’s just my Welsh roots calling… “Rellik Of Grief” reminds me of early Gun, especially the guitar sound. It’s great to hear the chunky bass in the background. 

If you like a good riff then take a listen to “Electric Sin”, it’s a real head shaker and will have the front rows bowing in appreciation.  I don’t know why, but I just love the line “but I fall into the sea of Electric Sin.” it’s a quote that I want to use in my life at some point. “No Horizon” has to be the heaviest track on the album. fast, fierce and loud, what more do you want? “No Horizon” has a great chorus and really thunders along. It may be fast, but it is well controlled and structured and sounds amazing. Oh, and this is the one that ends abruptly…

“Mind Device” has the most glorious of beginnings. What a impressive opening riff. You just know what is going to come next and Lethargy do not disappoint. A strong, clever number that feels fresh and alive. “The City Absorb”  is head-shakingly cool, I can feel the chug on this one. I can imagine the band playing this with huge smiles on their faces, it’s simply that good and has to be my favourite track. Closing the album we have “Low Tide”. You can almost feel the ebb and flow of the water, was that intentional? I’m not sure. “low Tide” sounds a bit like Sabbath’s “God Is Dead” in places, yet it soars above that track in all departments. I love how this song is structured, it grows and developes around you, almost covering you in a safe, warm blanket, until you get that amazing guitar solo that just lifts you out of the darkness and exposes you to the light. Fantastic. 

After listening to the album several times, the answer to the earlier question is a definite Yes, it was worth the wait. But now I am left with a new question. How could the band have kept such a great record under wraps for so long? If it was my album, I would have been shouting about it long ago. I would have demanded that it got released and heard. I cannot express highly enough, just how good a record it is. 

Pete Devine 2019

Lethargy are:
Gareth Hunt – Drums and Percussion
Andrew Hunt – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Marc Trevelyan Jones – Bass and Vocals
Phil Humphries – Lead Guitar and Vocals

Lethargy will be playing Swansea’s Patti Pavilion on Oct 12th 2019 

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