Left With Tomorrow

Left With Tomorrow

Creating something from nothing has it’s challenges and that’s what drives us. There is no magical formula or strategy for us. It’s the feeling and emotion which provokes our songs. Our newest album titled “The Rise” we believe portrays that perfectly! Each song is unique and individual, showing our diversity and willingness to have open minds during our writing process.

Since 2013 we’ve been writing, playing shows and have become woven deeply into the midwest metal scene in hopes to one day spread our wings far enough to create a sustainable life style. Each of us have families and day jobs which takes up most of our time but the passion for creating music is strong. Influences are in abundance each serving a purpose individually in our writing styles. That being said we’ve taken more of a licensing based approach when releasing our music which gives us exposure to TV, Movies, Reality shows and much more. So when we do book a show it’s far and few between but rest assured the quality of our live shows brings a fresh sound, clear and uncut.

“We’ve only tossed a small pebble into the ocean at this point but we hope that this album will have an even bigger ripple effect” ~ Left with Tomorrow

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Left With Tomorrow – Faceless

Left With Tomorrow – Failure


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