Leatherjacks and Mauro Cordeiro are in need of your HELP!

Starting For Only $5 Dollars!

Hello everyone!
Mauro Cordeiro Here!

As many of you may know, I dedicate my whole life and give my guts for my project Leatherjacks.

But with Covid-19, I´ve been facing Unemployment issues, and difficulties to keep my Social Media channels, ´cause my equipments (mobile, camera, webcam) aren´t so good or perfect/good state anymore.

I´ve got only a Motorola Moto G3 device since 2015.
It´s pretty hard to shoot myself or to have a good picture/image, etc…

Its screen is almost falling, due to its detachment (the glue is old, dry, etc)… 

I´m reaching out for donations, in order for me to buy a professional Footage/Shooting equipment (lights, etc), so I can deliver better Live Performances, better Videos, offering a better interaction with my audience, generating more Engajement, fans, a real community.

I believe that reaching R$ 4.000,00 (BRL) – Equivalent to USD 730,06 – 750 (USA Dollars), I can buy an excelent camera  and lightning equipment, improving my videos, generating more Content for my audience and fans.

 Unfortunately, I´m really asking for donations ´cause things here in Brazil got really “tight” and it would be really special to count with the helping hand from all of you, mainly to try to generate a new source of profits (professional and personal), for me and for my mom, and mainly: with Your special Help!

 After all, better videos = better engajement.

Better engajement = Better monetization, and so on.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Here´s the link to Kickante (Brazilian Crowdfunding Page):

You can donate starting with only 5 DOLLARS (USD).

You can help a Rocker dreamer to dream in a tough 3rd world country.

You all know the love I really have for the Fans and for the serious work I offer for you all.


Click in QUERO CONTRIBUIR (I want to Contribute).

Choose between Pessoa Jurídica (Legal Entity) or Pessoa Física (Natural Person).

At the picker below, you can choose between Share your Name or Donate Anonimously.

Choose your Payment Method. – I Think for foreigners, its PayPal.

Fill the form for Billing, etc.

       Feel free to donate directly for me, Mauro Cordeiro, at my PayPal:

       Thank you all so much for your kindness and help.



All the best, wish you an awesome Week!
Mauro Cordeiro
São Paulo, June 29th, 2020.

Innovative Modern Hard Rock + Wild Riffs + The Voice and Guitars of Mauro Cordeiro + an AMAZING Band = LEATHERJACKS 

Sao Paulo, Brazil – 2016. Think about Innovation. Now think it seemed impossible, but it happened: Finally in Brazil, a dreamer decided to dare: Mauro Cordeiro, Singer, Writer, Guitarist and Multi-Instrumentalist created the project that fuses the best of Modern Hard Rock with the best of Traditional Heavy Metal. 

In just one year, Leather´s got it´s first Álbum finished and released in April 18th 2017, and it´s having a great repercussion in digital Rock / Metal Media Webzines, Websites and Radios worldwide.

Reviews in tons of websites such as and The RockPit Australia…
Airplays at amazing radios, such as Unphiltered Radio, Spiderweb Radio and lots of other ones… It all proves that LEATHERJACKS came to stay and to embrace all MetalHeads and Hard Rockers.

The first album entitled THE LOST ARKS OF ROCK AND ROLL, released in April 18th 2017 was totally written, arranged, produced, recorded (voices and all instruments) and mixed by the visionary mastermind Mauro Cordeiro.

“Burning Wire”, first LeatherJacks video, was filmed and directed by Caike Scheffer.
Leather also released in December 20th 2017 the single “I Hate To Fall In Love” that´s also having a wide repercussion.
There´s also “Persona Non Grata”, “Spells And Zombies Through The Night” and “Songs For The Strangest Ones” singles released recently. 
The Lineup had to change so the band can breath and go on. 

In the year of 2020, comes the 2nd Album “EXTREMELY DANGEROUS”.

So stay tuned, ´cause it will be even better than before! 

Are you ready to ROCK with us? 

LeatherJacks – Extremely Dangerous promo

LeatherJacks – Persona Non Grata

LeatherJacks – I Hate To Fall In Love

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