Lazarus Moon at The Bunkhouse – Gig Review

Lazarus Moon at The Bunkhouse – Gig Review

Since it’s opening back in late 2018,  The Bunkhouse in Swansea has played host to some memorable nights. Local bands flock to this low key, yet accommodating venue creating some varied and exciting line-ups. So I was pleased to be able to attend the gathering of News From Nowhere (acoustic), Lazaus Moon, Greenmailer and Lost Tuesday Society on the 18th May 19.

I had seen News From Nowhere at the Swansea Fringe back in October and knew that they always delivered, but boy were they good acoustically. I knew Greenmailer well having reviewed their superb second album Greenmailer II at the end of last year, though I had never caught them live. As for Lost Tuesday Society, well these guys have entertained me for years and always go down well. But Lazarus Moon were an unknown quantity to me, I was looking forward to this one.

Opening with “The Curse of This Reward”  the trio from Gwent grabbed everyone’s attention immediately, these guys can rock. The audience were instantly impressed. “Sing For the Brave” was next and boy was that good. The interplay between guitarist/vocalist Matt and bassist extraordinaire Spike was mesmerising. These guys are having fun and that really shines through in their performance. I love the energy that’s expressed especially in the way Matt Galloway leaps around the stage like he’s attempting to avoid that sniper’s bullet. “Paint the Darkness” follows, a track from the band’s Lazarus Moon EP, with some intricate drum work from Dan and more leaping around by Matt, “Paint the Darkness” is a real ‘fist waving’ rocker with a classic riff, some wonderful guitar playing and bass that will blow your mind…Boy these guys are good.

A slight change in direction now with “In the End” The slow moving guitar intro leads into a well crafted and magnificently structured track. “In the End” is the EP’s opener and justifiably so. This little epic clearly displays how good Lazarus Moon are. The band play it as if their lives depended upon it. The guys have just released the video for “Colours”, the studio version of which comes across as a mix between Rush and The Police, (IMHO) so it was interesting to see this track performed live. Well live, “Colours” really comes alive, it’s a lot rockier then in the studio and takes this already formidable track up a notch or two. Set closer “A Clear Horizon” is an upbeat shout out number that has the skill to leave you wanting more. A classic rock song that will get you clapping along ferociously.

That was good, that was better than good. These guys are great, these guys deserve to be seen, these guys deserve to be heard. The energy and quality of their playing and the way that they can really impress an audience is so refreshing. Chatting to some of the crowd afterward it was clear that they had won over quite a few new followers. …. Did I mention that these guys are good?


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