Kyle Chatham

I spend most days considering and contemplating how best to create and develop new ideas to present myself in the most accurate way. I want to be able to present a world or a solar system that people can come and spend time inside emotionally and musically. I want people to be moved by what I do.

I’ve always been into music. Fascinated by it as a child whenever it was on TV. Some of my earliest memories are of watching old VHS tapes of Foreigner performing live and wishing I was one of them. I played drums for a while off the back of this, but I think I always dreamed of being some sort of front man in a way. That’s what I’d be daydreaming about in school or even earlier a lot of the time. I started writing little ideas for songs down and teaching myself guitar when I was probably about 10 years old. After being in and out of a few bands in school as the drummer I decided to go by myself from there on and was writing kind of half decent songs from about 15 years old. I think I really came into my own after I learned my way around some production software in my late teens and would make full length albums all the time and show to friends mainly. Was able to express myself in a much clearer way with more variety of sound. I self released my last album, ‘Neon Spring’, in 2019 and I’m still proud of that now. I took a break from such a prolific stint for a few years to go to university and meet new people in a new city and I’m sort of coming to the end of that now and beginning to release new singles and playing live more this year.

I’ve just released a new single and have another one out in a few months. Hopefully the year will be filled with new music and lots of live gigs.

Kyle Chatham – Valentine

Kyle Chatham – I Forget Where We Were

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