Know Your Enemy – Interview

Know Your Enemy – Interview

Interview with Pete Devine of Pete’s Rock News and Views (

PD: What type of artist are you?

KYE: Aggressive Heavy Rock


PD: Tell us the brief history of yourself.

KYE: Several years ago, Jason Kent (guitar, formerly of Blacklisted) and Fonz Rodriguez (vocals, formerly of Majur Bludd) were making and playing music with two others (Ralph Ricciardi & Rob McCann – former members) and released our first EP, Heal the Wound. We realized that we had something special when our track “Poison” took off in popularity.  After our second release, Root of all Evil (LP) there were a couple of lineup changes. That’s when Steve Bishop (bass) who played in various local bands and Byron Lapola (drums) from Becoming the Ghost joined Know Your Enemy.


PD: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

KYE: Musical Influences are a little tough because we all have roots in different styles and genres but to sum it up, Rage Against The Machine, Sevendust, He is Legend, Deftones. As for non-musical, there’s enough going on in the world for us to be influenced by that.


PD: What are your dreams and goals?

KYE: As a band we’d have to say that our goal is to get our music out there to as many as we can and continue to entertain and do what we love doing.  


PD: Who writes your songs, what are they about?

KYE: It’s a collaborative effort. Most of our songs are about social issues. We see things plaguing society and we try to rely that from our own perspective.


PD: How do you promote your band and shows?

KYE: We do everything from hitting the streets with flyers to using promotional tools on social media. Lately we’ve been using our email list that fans can join on


PD: What do you think about downloading music online?

KYE: We all agree that having downloadable music online let’s you reach further into areas or demographics that might otherwise be a challenge. If you’re talking download VS hard copies, we’ve always been a fan of physical media. There’s nothing like having a piece of art or images that make you feel a little closer to the artist you like.


PD: What song do you wish you’d written and why?

KYE: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix A-lot because we really do like big butts.


PD: What are some of your pet peeves?

KYE: Bands that don’t support other bands on the bill.


PD: What is your proudest moment in music?

KYE: Our “Root of All Evil” record release show is definitely one of our proudest moments. It was a DIY effort and a huge success for us.


PD: So what are you working on at the moment?

KYE: We’re currently recording a new track and writing more but we have our latest single “Same” that was released on July 17th and two more singles on the way. We have a live EP that almost ready to go and music video that is in the works.


PD: What music have you available online and where can we buy it from? 

KYE: We have One EP, “Heal The Wound”. One LP, “Root of All Evil” and two singles, “Sway” and “Same”, more on the way. You can find it online at all the major music distributors, like Amazon Music of iTunes, we have links on our website. But we like to direct our fans to our bandcamp store ( because that’s where you find hard copies.

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