San Francisco Bay Area power trio KnightressM1 presents ‘Infinite Blue’, performed live in studio. Composed in the same place, this song features Emily Palen on violin and vocals, Chad Tasky on drums, and bassist Larry Boothroyd. The accompanying video was created by Evan Lanam, who also recently released a mini-documentary on the band.

“Infinite Blue is essentially about the excruciatingly temporal nature of human existence and it’s accompanying and inevitable grief.  As musicians and creatives in KnightressM1, we strive to give space for the magnitude of emotions that are not easily expressed in words.  “Let the water wash over you, what the light can’t mend.” This lyric in the song is its purpose in essence, to process my own connection to massive love that you experience but cannot hold on to,” says Emily Palen.

KnightressM1 recently released their debut album ‘Dreams and Devastation’, along with singles ‘Butterfly’‘Lock & Key’ and ‘Polarity Integrate’. For this, Palen joined esteemed producer John “Lou” Lousteau (Foo Fighters, Iggy Pop, Joan Jett) in producing this album, which was recorded at Foo Fighters’ acclaimed Studio 606. Video producer Evan Lanam also recently released

Formed in 2011 by violinist, vocalist, pianist and composer Emily Palen, KnightressM1 is the sonic manifestation of her heart, integrating specific musical frequencies. The further she ventures in this sonic journey, the heavier the sound gets. The crushing intricate rhythm section blends harmoniously with her driving, searing electricified violin tone as the lead.  

The debut album involves drummer Rob Ahlers (50FOOTWAVE, Kristin Hersh) and bassist Uriah Duffy (Whitesnake).  Fueled by a deep-seated necessity to defy limitation, their heavy driving bass and rhythm are rounded out with lots of harmonic layering and beauty.

The embodiment of musical manifestations, KnightressM1 is based on the thematic concept of a female galactic warrior, who comes to Earth to bring justice, hunt corruption and restore truth. Within universal language, M1 is code for unity. This is her identifier. Her frequency. KnightressM1 (KM1) is the vessel through which Palen creates and shares her unique contributions to what is more commonly known here on earth as the music industry.

Since releasing her first solo violin album ‘Glass ~ Live at Grace Cathedral’ in 2012 and ‘Creation’ a year later, she’s become a sponsored artist with Engl Amps and has played or recorded with Foo Fighters, Eric McFadden and Gretchen Menn, both as a live or recording artist. Earlier, she was a finalist in the ‘My Grammy Moment’ competition and played live with orchestra at the Grammys, conducted by John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin).

This is the first of eight songs recorded as live sessions at Lucky Recording Company in Burlingame, CA with engineers Mikel Ross and Travis Kasperbauer, who is also mixing this session. This song foreshadows the direction of the band’s next full length LP, which takes a much heavier direction since ‘Dreams and Devastation’ (both sonically and in lyrical substance) and tackling even more head on subjects of abuse, systemic tyranny, global corruption and the eternal and evolutionary inevitability of human nature.  

‘KnightressM1 // Live Sessions’ will be released throughout the spring of 2021. The ‘Dreams and Devastation’ LP is available now across digital outlets such as Apple Music and streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Emily Palen ~ Songwriting, Lyrics, Violin, Vocals
Chad Tasky ~ Songwriting, Drums
Larry Boothroyd ~ Drums
Travis Kasperbauer ~ Engineer, Mix
Mikel Ross ~ Engineer
Evan Lanam ~ Director of Photography, Executive Video Editor

KnightressM1 – INFINITE BLUE//Live Version

KnightressM1 – Butterfly

KnightressM1 – Lock & Key

KnightressM1 – Polarity Integrate

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