Knave unveil album ‘Isabella Says’ alongside second single ‘Day to a Page’

Formed in 2017, Bristol-based rock two-piece Knave released their debut album “Songs For Quiet Consideration” to much acclaim which saw them playing across the country, alongside artists such as Feed The Rhino, Crywank, Slaves (US) and more, developing a loyal fanbase in the process.

Knave disbanded and subsequently reformed in 2018, stripped down to its core components and embraced as a writing partnership, made up of Lewis Dunn & Sam Lawson. Inspired by a range of artists including Radiohead, The Smiths and The Cure, the band aim to mix these styles with slightly more overdriven, post-hardcore sounds heard more prominently on their earlier material, influenced by the likes of Brand New, Alexisonfire and Thursday.

Knave have made a stunning comeback with their latest, beautifully honest track ‘Plain People O.S.T’, released 5th July 2019. The follow-up single, due for release August 9th, is the more delicate and minimalist cut “Day to a Page”, a vulnerable, vocal-driven track, dedicated to vocalist Sam Lawson’s grandparents. However, the track hopes to speak more generally about close relationships with the elderly. Featuring only a looping guitar passage, a lead vocal recorded in one take, and the sound of a ticking clock throughout, ‘Day to a Page’ is a total departure from anything the band have done before sonically, and much more brief.

“I think that for anyone who’s close with their grandparents or works with the elderly etc. there’s going to be some lines in this song that are relatable. That’s what I’m hoping for anyway. It’s one of those Morrissey-esque things where the song is so blatantly about one specific person’s experiences, but hopefully there’s stuff in there that anyone can relate to.” – Sam Lawson, vocalist

Their second album ‘Isabella Says’, recorded and produced with Adam Chinner of Freefall Records, strikes a balance between DIY production values and having an “industry standard” quality to it.

Sharing an equal division of labour during the recording process, Dunn and Lawson feel liberated by the smaller team, and lack of conflict in the studio environment. Sharing guitar and bass duties 50/50, bringing in some outside help for drums, and with Lawson recording/arranging the vocals. Knave’s new album features vocals from over 30 different people, including Kate McConnell of alt-rock band Hypophora.

Knave’s newest record addresses topics such as global warming, social apathy, homelessness, acts of terror and disillusion within the music industry, as well as the bands break-up the year before.

“We’re still writing break-up songs, they just aren’t about women anymore. I’d like to think in some weird way, there’s a generational growth happening that we’re capturing on this record. Teenage angst gives way to 20-something disillusionment, perhaps. I’ve not tried writing about society at large, or the issues that we all face, instead of just me, in quite a while. Knave is really a bit of a poetic playground for me, I get a lot of freedom, especially as me and Lewis are such similar people, raised so similarly and so on, we feel the same way about lots of things” – Sam Lawson, Vocalist

‘Day to a Page’ is due for release, August 9th to all major platforms

‘Isabella Says’ is due for release September 6th and will also be available on all major platforms

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