Kleaver was formed in 2013 by Cody Hill (buzzard – guitar), Woody(guitar) and Daniel Bates (Gore-kok – Drums) .

The first few years were spent playing a few shows and dealing with member changes. After the final member changes and Woody leaving in the middle of 2016 Cody and Daniel were the only members left in Kleaver. They forged a new lineup with Kip Sanders (Zalzaroth) on bass, Russell Smith(Balthazar) on guitar and Kenneth Lidey (Zhaos) on vocals.

Since then Kleaver has played several shows around Texas and recorded an EP which will be released summer 2017.

•Buzzard: Lead guitar and vocals
•Gore-Kok: Drums
•Zalzaroth: Bass
•Balthazar: Rhythm guitar
•Zhaos: Vocals

Kleaver – The Bitch of Buchenwald (live)

Kleaver – The Bitch of Buchenwald teaser

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