King Park

King Park New Album “Everett”

Artwork Cred: James Baturin

Some people learn to love and let go, some people grow up but we’re just getting older,
We’re spending all our days just stuck in the middle, trying to find a way to shut that door.


“Everett” sets the theme for our full-length album of the same name.

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This song is the raw, honest expression of realizing everything doesn’t fit together perfectly snug like I was led to believe. It tells the story of coming of age, and a loss of innocence, when the rigorous set of black and white lines faded away, and I was forced to re-evaluate.

Everett, the record, outlines my heartbreak and everything I had to go through to deal with it. Less about not getting the girl, and more about something beautiful ending up so hurtful. I thought that love, relationships and our choices in life could be pure and simple. Then I found myself stuck in a moment, unable to move forward, surrounded by fear, guilt, and shame.

King Park – Everett

King Park – Coffee Cheques

King Park – This Is The End

King Park – Stuck In The Middle

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