Kill Frenzy

Kill Frenzy
No Gods Have Mercy

Kill Frenzy are no strangers to controversy, lending their voices to matters like the continuos farm murders in South Africa and getting their video for the single ‘Blood For Blood’ taken off YouTube within hours of it’s upload.

Being forever defiant they are back with their newest single with accompanying video called ‘No Gods Have Mercy’. This time around taking on religeon. In an age where it is claimed that we have freedom of speech, religeon continues to be the final frontier of oppression, holding itself beyond scrutiny and reprimand. 

‘No Gods Have Mercy’ asks the question that if every religeon has it’s chosen few that are righteous enough to enter paradise after death, why does that same God create the other people? Are they only put here to perpetuate the never ending battle of “them vs us” or “good vs evil” justifyingly killing in the name of your God?

Where free speech is used to scrutinise or make fun of religeon, it is almost always aimed at Christianity that despite their bloody past has mostly become a religeon that “turns the other cheek” where more militant and extreme religeons are left alone at the fear of reprisal. However Kill Frenzy shows that no religeon is safe from being put under the spotlight and believes in a video littered with well known stereotypes of every well known religeon. 

Some people might see the humour in it, some might be offended to their core, but either way, sterotypes are normally there for a reason. 

Hill Frenzy is a 3 piece metal band with a DIY Punk ethos. Kill Frenzy brings you back to the underground with the raw live sound of amp howling, drums blasting and loud and obnoxious screaming on every track.

The band hails from the gutters of the Mother city Cape Town South Africa. Bursting onto the circuit in March 2017 with a bombardment of relentless gigging. Loudly making themselves known on the local scene.

Not only hitting the local venues with city-wide touring, the band featured at Metal 4 Africa’s Winterfest in July of 2018. In September 2018 the band went on tour headlining 2 nights at Botswana’s Annual Rock The Nation Festival.

The band has released a number of singles so far “Aggravated Assault”, “Controlled”, “Blood For Blood” (which saw the original homemade video pulled from YouTube within minutes of it’s release) and “End In The Flames”, which saw the band release their first official music video. Currently the band are busy with the release of their next video for the upcoming single “No Gods Have Mercy” as well as working on a debut full length studio album.

Kill Frenzy – No Gods Have Mercy

Kill Frenzy – End In The Flames

Kill Frenzy – Blood For Blood

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