(Released June 17th 2022)

With his background as the guitarist in London post-hardcore band Jack The Envious, it’s easy to understand just exactly where Keeper’s roots lie. Far from being one to rest on his laurels however, Keeper takes those foundations and builds on them, infusing the sheer weight of the genre with pop and emo rap elements to create something truly unique.

The result is an effortless yet eclectic hybrid of the alternative and the accessible. Combing aggression with melody, Keeper’s debut EP Guess I’m Keeper has reached 50,000 people already, earning him lofty praise from the likes of Alt-Press and New Noise Magazines, before a further slew of releases saw his profile snowball further, with tracks ‘Change’, ‘Shin’ and ‘Toad’ all earning acclaim.

Indeed, his latest single ‘FML’ is set to do much the same. Three and a half minutes of searing guitar riffs, impassioned vocals and millennial angst, it brings to mind acts such as Machine Gun Kelly, or KennyHoopla, always building towards easily one of the most aggressive breakdowns of the year.

“‘FML’ is just an aggro song” explains Keeper, “It’s about standing up and biting back. I’m not the best at doing that myself. So in a way, it’s telling myself to do it more. That I need to look after myself better and stick to my guns.”

“It’s also loosely about the ever-growing climate emergency  and wealth disparity. The continued decline of the everyday man, strangled by the 1%. Only looking after themselves. However, no matter how many big houses you buy, expensive cars you get. Climate change affects us all.” A fair comment, and one that goes a long way to explaining the sheer angst and anxiety that manifest themselves in the inherent anger of the track.

With an already large catalogue of songs recorded and at his disposal, as well as a well rehearsed live band a set, Keeper aims to hit this year’s running, and ‘FML’ looks set do just that.

Keeper – FML

Keeper – Soul


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