Keep Up

Keep Up

Before Keep Up, the band was known as ‘Sampere’. The first single, “The Fallen,” was written to inspire those to overcome what they might think is impossible; purely to embrace the fight within. The song was named in Syracuse’s Top 20 Songs of 2016 by rock alternative music station, 95X. For the past 2 years, after absolutely killing their first show together, they have been busy blasting their name across the region and most recently, releasing their debut EP, “World of Illusion.”

Syracuse, NY has set the stage for Keep Up; building their fan base, providing recognition, and instilling motivation with partnering artists. Keep Up will be promoting the release of new music this coming fall, expanding it across the country.

“We want to share our music, play our music, and gain a bigger audience in local and regional markets,” says Matt. Fans from all over the East coast will be able to find venues rocking and jamming with Keep Up.

The band’s inspiration originates from a common thread of reaching a balanced state-of-mind while creating music together, and the desire to diffuse inspiration amongst their fans. Matt describes how the lyrics written are often generated from daily encounters, both positive and negative, while DJ forwardly states, “drumming is everything. Without the beat… life would be flat, bland, and one-dimensional.”

Keep Up – Centuries

Keep Up – Shut Ur Mouth

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