Katre – Behind The Resilience

Katre – Behind The Resilience

KATRE, album” Behind The Resilience”..(30 September 2021, self-release)

  1. So Was The Life
  2. The Decision
  3. The Route
  4. The Mermaid
  5. Now On The Continent
  6. The Run 
  7. Looking For The Pearls
  8. Behind The Resilience

Katre is an instrumental post-rock/metal band. They are based in Berlin, Germany. “Behind the Resilience” is their 2nd full length album. It is a concept album about migration, a very serious issue we all must be sensitive about. “Behind the Resilience” actually tells the story of a refugee family without lyrics, only through music. It succeeds!

The opening track and first single of the album is “So was the Life”. The song has deep melodic lines and a great amount of sub harmonies of doom origin which at parts remind of My Dying Bride. The Pink Floyd-ish 2nd half of the song travels the mind over endless sees and across horizons where you can hear the humming of the sea-birds.

“The Decision” is a heavier song. Just like the decision an immigrant has to make to leave their homeland and seek for a better future. Katre add nice rhythm breaks to slow down the tempo showing the prog/tech aspect of their music.

“The route” starts off with a doomy intro that is nicely draped into atmospheric and sorrowful eastern music layers coming from the synths. The basic doom riff of the song is accompanied with acoustic guitars and ends up to be mesmerizing. It resembles in sound the route of the refugee family in the sea looking for the shore where they will be safe, but leaving so much behind. Every note of Katre gets you right into the drama. The drums play some amazing fills and themes here and the galloping riffs sound just like the waves of an angry sea.

“The Mermaid” is another fragile music theme. Katre are excellent musicians. They don’t just play post rock/metal. They infuse heart and soul in it. The synths here do an excellent job and together with the fantastic drum work take the whole thing up to the level and greatness of Eloy and early Genesis.

“Now On the Continent” captures the mystery of exploring the new land. All the fear the refugee family have lived and all the hope they hold for their future, but at the same time the first feelings of being unwanted. The songwriting is progressive and post-rock. The repeated themes create tension and Katre are fantastic in creating images without words. The song’s basic melody is again out of this world. You need to listen to it! The eastern colored percussion accompanied with some amazing guitar overtones structure nice and colorful music themes. The synth and guitars remind of the latter Anathema works.

“The Run” begins with the bass in a Rush-meets-Tool mood. The guitar lays fragile themes over a fantastic rhythm section. The evolution of this theme is magical. It has a Paradise Lost aura. The bass solos under the synth and acoustic themes are a nice addition and reveal that Katre have worked everything to the last detail. The lead guitar in few notes captures the Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) classic rock magic.

“Looking for the Pearls” uses kid vocal samples (see again Pink Floyd). The staccato play breaks from a Godspeed You Black Emperor influenced guitar. A headbanging basic riff and many interesting breaks follow.

The same titled song “Behind the Resilience” closes the refugee drama. Nice and clean guitar melodies, heavy metal riffs, post rock atmosphere, progressive play, deep harmonies like the ones you get in black metal, doom metal heaviness and rock attitude all put down together to a very interesting mix.

I believe Katre could have recorded a soundtrack. In fact “Behind the Resilience” would make the perfect soundtrack for a refugee movie.

Last but not least, “Behind the Resilience” is produced by Chris Edrich (Gojira, Tesseract, The Ocean, Klone, Leprous) which really adds many points to the final result and you should expect an amazing and highly professional sound here!

The album will be available on digital platforms on 30th September 2021. Make sure to check it out!

Review by Mr Athens 1979

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