KARMANJAKA started out in northern Sweden by Tengil as a one man band in the early spring of 2016 and recorded the debute EP “I TÖRNROSDALEN”. During the recording of this first album KARMANJAKA evolved into a 5 piece band, and Tengil, Karm and Orm soon wrote the follow up full length album “URGAMMAL ELD” (Ancient Fire) during a hectic weekend back at Tengil’s house close to the norwegian border, far into the north-west of Sweden. The album was recorded in late spring 2016. URGAMMAL ELD was mixed and mastered during the autumn and a video was also made for the release.

Ten new songs were recorded in late 2018. As on previous sessions Malmer Productions in Umeå, Sweden, was used for recording, mixing and mastering. Fast forward to 2019…. On may 21 KARMANJAKA released SEVEN NAMES FOR THE WITCHQUEEN containing eight of the ten finished tracks. The band also performed live for the first time ever at Gamrocken in Grängesberg.

During four days in late July and mid August 2019 Tengil, Orm and Karm gathered at Tengil’s place to write and preprod 14 songs for a 2020 release. The writing was now undertaken as a teamwork to a much larger degree than earlier, which added even more strength and deeper layers to the compositions. There was also talk about releasing a bonus track – The Oldest Game – from the 7NFTWQ sessions sometime during the fall of 2019, but this track has yet to surface.

KARMANJAKA returned to the studio in May 2020 recording 4 of the new songs from the 2019 preprod sessions, their new EP Hugin will be released the 2nd of October 2020.

Karmanjaka – Hugin teaser

Karmanjaka – Seven Names For The Witchqueen

Karmanjaka – The Clock Of Death

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