Karma Voyage

Light in Forgotten Places
Release date: January 27th, 2023

Lights in Forgotten Places is the first full length for Karma Voyage from Venice, released  January 27th, 2023 on CDs, vinyls and digital on Shyrec (IT) and Icy Cold Records (FR).

Lights in Forgotten Places fluctuates between light and darkness, with the musicians painting the tracks with sounds coming from their different backgrounds, avoiding to be stuck on a single genre.

At the same time, it’s a bare album, far from clichés. Emotions pour on the listener giving freedom to create different visions, allthough it’s not lacking guitars crescendo and wild rides almost oneiric, leading to nordic empty spaces. Not by chance, the track New Foundations features the unmistakable voice of Nils Ottensmeyer from Blue Angel Lounge.

Karma Voyage were born at the end of 2019 as neo-psych experimental band, with strong new wave influences.

The project was started by Luca Castellaro (guitars and vocals) and Giuseppe Brunetti (solo guitars), with the addition in May 2020 of Alvise Scarpa (bass), Leonardo Sebastiani (synth) and Edoardo Dotta (drums).

Anticipated by the single Untold Desires, their first EP was released in October 2021 by the cult french label Icy Cold Records, and quickly got recognition in the neo psych underground.

From August to November 2022, with the new drummer Stefano Anoè, Karma Voyage recorded at Velvet Studio Lights in Forgotten Places, produced by Luca Castellaro.

Released on January 13th, 2023 Shine is the first single taken from the album.

The video shows Karma Voyage unleashing dreamy shoegaze waves in the blackest night, surrounded by a forest, while a red-haired woman seems to officiate ancient rituals with candles, a worn book, a mask and a mirror.

This is an apt metaphor for how much the neo-psychesters from Venice love the antinomy between light and darkness, questioning the concept of reality as we see it.

Karma Voyage – Shine

Karma Voyage – Untold Desires

Karma Voyage – All Tomorrow’s Parties

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